Starfield Akila City Puddle Glitch Explained

Using the Akila City Puddle Glitch in Starfield, you can get your hands on many wonderful items and sell them for a nice profit.

Starfield has its own share of bugs and glitches. These can be infuriating to deal with since they can pretty much break the game. In situations like these, you can always reload the game and try again. But sometimes, the game allows you to use a glitch to exploit the system. The Akila city puddle glitch in Starfield is one such glitch.

This is a pretty useful one because it can make you the richest adventurer in the entire cosmos in a few minutes. In this guide, we will explain how you can take full advantage of the Akila city puddle glitch in Starfield. 

How to find the Akila City Puddle Glitch in Starfield

There are 3 puddle glitches found in Akila City in Starfield. We will show you how to access all of them. 

Akila City Puddle Glitch 1 

To first gitch will be located near the main gate of Akila city. Enter the city through its main gate and head straight. There, you will find a puddle of water near some sandbags resting on a wooden fence.  

That is the first puddle glitch spot in Starfield. To use it, simply crouch down beside it and go into first-person mode. Then slowly look around, and a lootable chest popup will appear, which will be filled with items. Loot them and sell them to farm credits in Starfield quickly.

Akila City Puddle Glitch 2 

The second Akila City Puddle Glitch is a little bit difficult to get. To get to its location, head straight from the location of the first glitch spot. You will come across Rowland Arms shop. First, get on the far side of the first stairs and hug the railing. Now, go into the third-person mode and ensure that the camera is close to you.

 Then, look down at the foot of the railing and stairs, and move your character and camera around while crouching down. Sooner or later the loot popup will appear on your screen and you can easily loot a chest full of wonderful items. 

Akila City Puddle Glitch 3 

The third Akila City Puddle Glitch in Starfield will be right across the street from the first glitch spot. Head right across the street to the place where a few carpets are placed on the street with a small dirty chair. After reaching there, simply crouch down in the third person mode right between the carpets and the small painting standing on a canvas.  

Then look down at the between the legs of the canvas and the popup will appear. This does not have that much loot, as compared to the rest. However, it still has a decent amount and you can make some credits off of it. 

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