Starfield Addictions And How To Cure Them

Try the following to Cure Addictions and get rid of debuffs.

In Starfield, before you can cure Addiction, you need to know its cause. The causes of addiction include using a lot of med packs or other temporary items. There is also a drug, Aurora, which is one of the major causes of stimulant addiction.

If you see your character lacking in speed and effort or having low inventory capacity, you are most likely suffering from this addiction. To confirm this, open your character screen and look at the lower right corner. If the character is addicted, it would be mentioned there.

How to cure addiction in Starfield?

There are a few methods through which the addiction can be cured. Some will cure the addiction completely, while others will do the temporary job. Below, you will find all the methods to get rid of addiction.

Addichrone – Temporary Recovery

If you don’t have access to doctors and want a quick fix for debuffs, check for Addichrone in your inventory. It’s a basic medical item and is mostly available. If not, go to a vendor and buy it for 380 credits in Starfield.

Addichrone removes the debuff effects for 10 minutes in real-time, so you can complete your task and visit the doctor later.

Visit a Doctor

The next option is going to a clinic or Hospital and asking a doctor to cure it. Depending on the doctor, this will cost you 400 to 800 credits. There is no fixed price for this. Just go up to a doctor and ask to fix it. The doctor will cure the addiction in Starfield, and you’ll be good to go within seconds.

Junk Flesh – Complete Cure

Junk Flesh is rare, so finding it as loot is harder. It’s better to buy it if you spot them at any vendor. It will cost you 450 credits each.

Junk Flesh does what a doctor does and removes the addiction completely. They are specifically made for curing addictions. They do remove it completely, and if you do not have access to a hospital, it’s better to have them to combat addiction.

Alternate options

If you don’t have access to any of the above, take Squall, which is an aid item and reverses the effects of drug addiction in Starfield. This won’t remove the addiction, but it would remove the debuffs.

You can also take Aurora to remove the debuffs. This can work for a while, and you can work like usual until you want to get rid of this addiction.

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