Star Wars Squadrons Dogfight Guide

This Star Wars Squadrons Dogfight guide will cover the unranked/casual multiplayer mode. As this multiplayer mode isn’t ranked so you can just enjoy playing to improve your own skills.

Dogfight has you competing with other players in a team vs team match purely centered around kills to reach the target score before the other side does.

Star Wars Squadrons Dogfight

As the name suggests, you pilot your starfighter and engage in 5v5 aerial battles with your team. You can choose to play for either the New Republic or as part of the Imperial squadron.

Your objective is to destroy as many of the enemies as you can before the match ends.

Pick a team and then select the ship you want to take out into battle. Try picking one that is different from the rest then start blasting.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can get a feel for the different maneuvers you can attempt midflight by heading to the multiplayer practice mode. There you can also get a look at the different starfighter components to get a feel for the loadout that you want.
  • Use the ping system to target enemies. Your whole team will see this and you can discuss proper strategies with them in order to deal with the threat effectively. This is especially useful if a single fighter is giving you and the team trouble. You now know on whom to focus your fire.
  • Enemies can track you easily if you’re predictable so try to zig-zag in between ships and practice some sick aerial maneuvers to avoid getting shot out of the sky.
  • Toss players off their flight path by colliding with them.
  • Try to cover your teammates whenever you can. It’s always good to have someone watching your flank.
  • Deploy countermeasures against incoming enemy fire but make sure to time it right. If you do it too fast or too slow then the missile will not be stopped. When the inner arrows on the UI missile lock element light up; that is when you deploy the countermeasures.
  • Although the temptation to blast your way through everything is strong, you should always prioritize your own survival first. Make sure you survive as long as you can since you’re less helpful to your team when you keep getting blown up.
  • If you do find yourself being blown up then take a look at the killcam of the enemy that did it. You can learn a thing or two about his strategy and where you went wrong.