Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Ninth Sister Boss Guide

The Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is part of the main story, so you do not have to deviate from the main storyline to fight ...

Like the former part Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi Survivor also involves some intense battles between some bosses. Some of these bosses are part of the main story, while you may find some optional bosses. The Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is part of the main story, so you do not have to deviate from the main storyline to fight her.

As the Ninth Sister, returning from Jedi Fallen Order, is one of the earliest bosses, some of you may find her difficult to beat. Don’t worry; we have the perfect strategy to defeat Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Ninth Sister boss.

How to defeat Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

You will face off with the Ninth sister in the first mission in Coruscant. You will face this boss in the Skylane Regulation station. As this is an early boss fight, you do not have enough time to be prepared before the battle.

Although you can invest most of your time in earning skill points and use them to get useful skills like getting extra health and upgrading your Stim. The Stim is used to restore your significant health. You can also use these skill points and get new force abilities to make this fight easier in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

There are three phases of her, and the difficulty increases with each. Each of these has different attacks, so let’s get started.

Phase 1

There are multiple attacks that the Ninth Sister uses; some of these attacks can be deflected, while others are unblockable. The initial attack is the Saber throw, in which she throws a saber at you. Whenever she swings her Saber at you: try to block the attack to avoid damage.

Another attack that she uses is the Whirling slash. You can deflect this attack when you see she is swinging the attack. Bad timing to ward off this attack will result in significant damage. The Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi Survivor often uses this attack as a combo, so be prepared to deflect multiple attacks.

The Ninth Sister is also capable of doing a Lunging strike. A lunging strike is an unblockable attack, so deflecting it will result in damage. The best way to avoid this attack is to dodge sideways because a hit of this attack will shift the momentum on her side.

In phase one, most of her attacks are slow, so you can easily dodge or parry the attacks and inflict some damage often.

Once you have lowered her health to 75%, Ninth Sister will taunt you and begin her second phase in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Phase 2

With this new phase, she will begin using force abilities. With this force ability, she will try to pull you and attack some unavoidable melee attacks. Try to be offensive and attack her when you see an opening to avoid this attack.

In addition, one of the most annoying attacks is Mind reading. In this attack, The Ninth Sister will become immune to any of your attacks and try to perform an overhead or lunging strike. The only way to avoid this attack is to dodge or parry each attack.

Your best chance against her is to attack simultaneously, and do not give her a chance to use this Mind reading attack. She will also try to strike you with a couple of new strikes, which are avoidable.

Try to use the force ability on her and attack with some of your powerful attacks. Once you have done this, The Ninth Sister will return to her slow melee attacks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which are avoidable.

Using the above strategy will result in a significant loss of health for her, and once her health is at 25%, she will enter her third and final stage.

Phase 3

With this new stage, the Ninth sister will perform some new attacks. The good news is that you will unlock a new stance (Dual Stance) with this new phase. With this new stance, try to attack her more aggressively.

Try to keep some distance from her in this new phase because, with her new attack force shockwave, she can easily wipe out most of your health. Use the full potential of this new stance and inflict her with new powerful combos while maintaining some distance, and you will be able to lower her health to zero in no time.

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