How To Defeat Rancor In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers substantial challenges in the form of its enemies...

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers substantial challenges in the form of its enemies and bosses. Some bosses are required to progress the main story while the rest, like the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Rancor boss, are completely optional and hidden from the sight of the players.

These bosses are not only tougher than the main story ones, but they also require Cal to go off from the main path to come across them. Let us guide Cal into the depths of Koboh to take out this monstrosity and officially become the second Jedi after Luke Skywalker to defeat a Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where to find Rancor in Jedi: Survivor

Rancor resides in the deepest underground cave of planet Koboh. To reach this area, enter Sodden Grotto by breaking a wall. Turn left and you will find the entrance into a mine’s shaft. Tear open the metallic gate and make your way across this dark tunnel. Beware of a surprise attack by a Shiverpede. Keep following the path by wall running and jumping until you reach a ledge right above a pit. This is the lowest part of underground caves in Koboh. Drop down from the ledge to start a cutscene which will introduce Cal to a Rancor.

Rancor’s Attacks and Weaknesses

Rancor is an extremely formidable foe in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and can literally one-shot Cal with most of his attacks, especially on higher difficulties. Rancor’s attacks include Rush Grab, Sudden Grab, Ground Pound, Stomps and Claw Swings.

Rancor will dive and rush towards Cal to grab him. This is an insta-kill attack, so you need to avoid it all costs by dodging to the side.

Fighting near Rancor, especially hitting it from the front, will prompt it to suddenly grab Cal. This is an extremely fast attack that can prove lethal if not avoided.

Rancor will occasionally hit the ground with his fists closed causing massive damage in case Cal comes in contact with it. This is a slow attack and can be avoided easily by moving backward or to the side.

After depleting Rancor’s power halfway, it will introduce a new attack, Stomps. This is a difficult one to dodge as Rancor will move towards Cal with each stomp. Jump as soon as Rancor slams his foot into the ground to avoid getting hit.

If Cal manages to hit Rancor with consecutive powerful strikes, it will make the Rancor stumble backward. Don’t get greedy as it will swing its claws furiously and you can’t dodge or avoid them in proximity. Keep your distance and hit Rancor from a distance by using lightsaber stance skills that provide some range.

Rancor doesn’t have any particular weakness in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You must slowly chip away at his health while avoiding his attacks to emerge victorious in this tough battle.

How to defeat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This fight will start with Rancor charging you with this signature grab attack. Dodge to the left and dish out some punishment. Don’t get greedy as the Rancor will try to pound you with his fists. Single Bladed stance is most suitable for this boss battle as this one belongs to “Up close and personal category”. It is impossible to keep your distance from the Rancor and the only time you will be able to do so is when Rancor will be staggered.

Be extra careful with the stims and don’t spam them. Rancor will always charge you whenever you try to restore your health, so make sure you have enough distance between Cal and Rancor before attempting this healing animation.

Halfway through the fight, Rancor will become super aggressive and try to stomp on Cal. This can prove deadly if you come in direct contact with both stomp attacks. Jump to the left side every time Rancor’s foot is about to hit the ground as it also causes AoE damage. Don’t try to dodge this attack.

Keep Cal to the right side of the Rancor and land 2-3 hits in between Rancor’s flurry of attacks. Keep up this strategy and you will be able to take down this behemoth in no time.

There is a very fun Easter egg hidden in this fight. Look at the left side of the pit and you will find a massive femur bone lying around.

Luke defeated Jabba’s pet Rancor by forcing a femur bone inside his throat. Well, the hint is here. The rest is up to your imagination. Use the force to become a spiritual successor to the legendary Luke Skywalker.

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