Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Rabid Jotaz Boss Guide

Learn how to take on the legendary beast, Rabid Jotaz, on Zeffo with the help of our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Rabid Jotaz Boss guide.

The Rabid Jotaz is an optional boss fight given to you in the early stages of Jedi Fallen Order. This Boss is really risky to fight and not many survive its power. In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Rabid Jotaz Boss Guide, we have given its location and tips on how to defeat this mighty beast with the easiest tips you’ll find. Let’s start the fight!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Rabid Jotaz Boss

The Rabid Jotaz is an aggressive and dangerous beast having an ability to cause a serious amount of damage to anyone who comes in its path. It attacks with a powerful flurry, swinging its arms with a long reach.

This beast can be found on Planet Zeffo. In order to access Zeffo, you’ll have to complete your stay at Bogano. Once there, simply go through the Ice Caves, this path will lead to a Crash Site where a Star Destroyer crashed near the water surrounding it. Keep in mind the Rabid Jotaz is one of the four legendary beasts in the game so this fight is going to be a tough one.

This area is too big to explore therefore, you’ll find a Jotaz at the Centre of an area surrounded by Scazz. You can either kill this Jotaz or simply avoid it and climb the platform to your left and disable to panel to turn off the laser on your right. You will need BD-1’s scomp link upgrade to disable this forcefield. Move along the Forcefield and encounter a Rabid Jotaz up ahead.

There are two ways you can attack the Rabid Jotaz. One is a cheap shot, where you can use a stealthy lightsaber attack before the fight even begins. Just wait for the right moment when the Rabid Jotaz is beneath you, and jump up on it and execute the move.

The second way is fighting it fairly and being a True Righteous Jedi. Let’s go with the second way. The most important thing you should know when fighting a Rabid Jotaz is its three main attacks.

The most dangerous one is the first one: a three-step combo of massive swings., as it can seriously drain your stamina if your timing is wrong when you block instead of deflecting. Even if your timing is accurate and you deflect at the right time, it doesn’t change the fact that this fight is not focused on stamina. Rather it’s more about attacking when the Boss is recovering.

Therefore, for these unpredictable attacks use a combination of deflection and rolling away. This is the best you can do when facing a beast like this.

One more thing you should watch out for is its second attack: a one-step blockable attack. This Rabid Jotaz shortens the distance between the two of you and swings its arms. This can damage your stamina a lot, so use deflection, blocking or evading. You should feel lucky as it’s only a one- move attack and not followed up by any other move, or else you would’ve been as good as dead at this point.

The third attack is a big unblockable attack. Many players lose hope when dealing with an unblockable attack. It’s not hard at all to dodge this move. This Rabid Jotaz telegraphs this move before even executing it, which gives you enough time to move sideways and dodge it.

The Rabid Jotaz does a big roar and charges ahead and then slams its arms on the ground. Now is this too hard to counter? Simply roll to the side when it roars and hit with a few blows of your own.

A simple tip before you face this Boss. Bosses like Rabid Jotaz and Oggdo Bogdo don’t have enough health. So, you can easily take them out by performing a few lightsaber swings. Focus on rolling more than deflecting most of its moves and you’re done with it.

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