Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Illum Secrets and Chests Locations

Unlock all the chests and secrets on Illum to upgrade Cal and get new outfits with the help of our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide

In Jedi Fallen Order, Cal can uncover various secrets and unlocks for himself, BD-1 or the Mantis by searching for hidden collectibles. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Illum Secrets and Chests Locations guide will show you how to locate these Chests and Secrets, acquire them and earn unlockables as well as XP.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Illum Secrets and Chests Locations

Below are all the locations with hidden chests in secrets on Illum which you can travel to and collect. Some of these might require abilities and upgrades which you probably won’t have at the time but you can always return later to collect them.

Shattered Lake

There is one secret and one chest in Shattered Lake.

Secret 1
Once you get to the area, you will have to walk past the canyon until you come across a ledge, to your left you will see a wall to your left, run towards it and walk over it towards the next wall until there’s a wall on your right as well, jump on this one for 3-4 steps, and get back to the previous one, proceed forwards with a leap onto the platform underneath. You will see a secret right ahead of you. This will be a Force Essence.

Chest 1
Once you’re at the middle of the map with a tower-like boulder extending on top of you (in the map), you will see a ledge to your left, go right and you will face a set of boulders that will allow you to climb up towards a snow-covered wall.

Go upwards, to the top of this tower and you will see stalactites that you can clear with your lightsaber. Do this and you will see a Chest right in front of you. Have BD slice it. You will get Poncho Material out of this chest.

Jedi Temple Chest

There is only one chest in the Jedi Temple.

Chest 1
Once you’re at the Jedi Temple, dive deep down and swim across to the second trunk that you see in the water to find a chest behind it. It will have a new BD-1 Skin.

Swim forwards and through the tunnel, till you can poke your head out of the water, you will see a wall in front of you, climb it to get on land.

Crystal Caves

There will be two Secrets and three Chests in Crystal Caves on Illum.

Secret 1
After you get here, skid down the slide at your right, jump when you reach to the bottom and wall-run past the two walls that you run into, jump onto the next platform to see the Secret behind the crystal-like boulder at your right. You will get a Life Essence.

Secret 2
Deeper down the area, you will get to a point where you will see a rope hanging down in front of a ledge, jump onto it to go across and onto the wall in front of you. Wall-run to the next rope, swing onto the next wall, wall-run again till you run into a snow-covered wall for you to head towards your upper-right. Once here, you will come across a trunk poking out of the wall, leap onto it and walk and jump towards the next trunk in front of you. The Secret will be right in front of you. This will be a Life Essence.

Chest 1
From the place where you got the Secret 2, you will see another rope hanging down from the cave’s ceiling, right across the ledge you’re standing by. Swing towards the next platform and go left. Here you will encounter a few enemies, put them down to access the chest placed in front of you. Have BD open it for you. It will have a Lightsaber Sleeve in it.

Chest 2
This once will be located at the middle of the map, right where you will be able to visualize a set of multiple floors in the map. Once you’re here, jump into the water and dive deep and past the set of golden-colored lights and you will see a chest in front of you. Open it to get a new Lightsaber Switch.

Chest 3
Here, you will see a purple marking on the floor, to its left, you will see a ledge and a rocky wall past it, leap onto the wall and climb north-westwards and to the top. Head to left and you will see a chest in front of you. Open it to get new Lightsaber Material.

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