Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Outfits Locations Guide

In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Cal has a pretty cool looking Poncho that is part of his Jedi look. However, over the course of your Jedi Fallen Order playthrough, you will be able to give him a bunch of new outfits. These don’t really add anything to your stats but are pretty neat cosmetic items. Our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Outfits Locations guide covers how you can change clothes and the locations of all the available outfits for Cal in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Outfits Locations

In order to change your clothes, open up the menu by pressing the options/menu button, and then go to Customization. Here, you can view all the available outfit choices that Cal can change into so select one and press X/A on it to wear it. There are only five outfits total, and they just vary in color.

Your lightsaber’s aesthetic doesn’t change from the same menu as your clothes. You will have to visit a customization bench to change its design.

There’s really only one way of getting new outfits, and that’s by finding them in chests scattered throughout the game.

There are tons of chests tucked away in corners and alternate pathways, most of which will reward you with either new clothes or lightsaber customization options.

Rigger Crew
This dark blue outfit is the default one you start off with.

This outfit closely resembles the one worn by Luke Skywalker. You can find it in a chest on the rooftop of a house on Zeffo’s Abandoned Village.


This Pathfinder outfit is located on Bogano’s Binog Mesa and you will need to the double jump ability to reach it.  

If you have that ability unlocked, head to the area in the Fractured Plain which has a big hole in the ground leading into the Subterranean Refuge.

Look down from the cliff there and you will see the platform that has the chest containing the outfit.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Pilot Outfit

You will need the double jump ability to get the Pilot outfit. You can find this outfit in Kashyyyk, in the Gnarled Heights. Keep heading up until you reach the swinging log and then grab hold of it by using the vines.

You can use it to climb all the way up, from where you can spot the chest containing this outfit on a branch. Use double jump to get to it.

Outlaw Outfit

Go for this outfit when you’ve unlocked all the main abilities. Head to Dathomir, and make your way to the giant fortress via the bridge.

Follow the path right through the Nightmare Ruins, past where you fought the Nydak Alpha. Eventually, you’ll enter a room filled with Nightbrothers, and you’ll have to go left from there to reach some vines that you can climb.

Go up and you’ll find the chest when you follow the path to the cliff.