Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 2 Zeffo Walkthrough

Learn all about chapter 2 of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and explore the planet of Zeffo and many secrets it hides within

After you complete Bogano, you have the option to travel to Dathomir or Zeffo next. Since Zeffo is where the main quest of the game is right now, we will head there instead of Dathomir. This is the homeworld of the ancient civilization you are searching for so expect to make a lot of interesting discoveries here. We have compiled a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 2 Zeffo Walkthrough to help you on this planet.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 2 Zeffo

To rebuild the Jedi order you need to find this ancient tomb in Zeffo but keep your eyes open as Empire is already here before you. There are a lot of ways to explore this planet, you can head into the hanger as the door on the left is locked and will be open later for a shortcut. You will have a couple of databank entries and a chest then head up the mountain.

This entire planet is filled with a lot of Stormtroopers searching for something mysterious so if you want to practice learning all the different enemy archetypes, this is the best place. You have your standard rank-and-file stormtroopers, troopers with miniguns, rocket launchers and shock batons so you can get a good handle on the combat.

Keep going for the trail you see until you hit the cave, get inside and light up the cave with lightsaber and you will get an extra Stim for BD-1 for this expedition Zeffo village, kill the troopers in your way but keep to the rooftops so that you have a way forward and find a Meditation Circle. Also, use Lightsaber to light up the path. You will come across the turbine and will have to slow it down to pass.

Next will be this creature called Phillak so be careful and use force to slow it down while it charges you and then kill it with ease. Along the path, you will also run into Stormtroopers with Rocket Launcher so keep an eye for that and always be ready to dodge as you cannot deflect their rockets like you can with blaster bolts.

After turbines there is another array of stormtroopers to fight and after that there is a shortcut for first Meditation Point. If you want to use the point, use it and then head forward by sliding onward.

Make sure you don’t fall off because Stormtroopers will be shooting at you and you have to parry. You will have to keep moving forward until you see the weathered monument which you can’t interact just yet.

Get to the large crack wall and do the wall run and continue up an also watch out for shooting Stormtrooper as they will be waiting to ambush you. Cut the rope and return to the meditation point and head forward to the dark area.

There will be a computer in front, interact with it and you will come to know about the Project Auger, which is what the Empire was working on here before giving upon. Continue up, kill some stormtroopers and reach the cave.

Wall run along the way and you will find another Meditation Point. Keep running as this will prepare you for the use of Wall run as the best Jedi would do, until you come across the Windswept Ruins and another Meditation Point.

At this point keep an eye for the local wildlife and avoid the exploration, instead look for a door on the left of the Meditation point and run towards it and keep running if you wanna get through unscathed. In the next area, use the Force to slow down the mechanism to get to the Tomb of Eilram.