Spotting Spot – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Spot a horse named spot to complete the Spotting Spot.

Spotting Spot is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that serves as a glorified tutorial about capturing a specific horse from a group and taming it. You will be tasked with identifying Spot and returning him to his master in this quest.

This quest is a bit difficult to acquire and start due to its prerequisites. But fret not; we will help you acquire this quest and complete it in virtually no time.

Talk to Lester at Lookout Landing

Spotting Spot quest can only be started after completing The Incomplete Stable side quest. You also need to progress the Regional Phenomena main quest and complete at least one legacy dungeon (we recommend attempting Wind Temple first).

Once you have completed both prerequisites, you can now talk to Lester near the Lookout Landing Stable (-0250, 0052, 0019). He will seem dejected about losing his favorite horse. Talking to him will start the quest and add it to your journal.

Find Spot and return it to Lester

Lester wants you to find his horse, Spot, and return it to him. The spot is a beige horse with black spots on its body.

There is a group of horses south of Lookout Landing (-0337, -0052, 0023). As Spot is moving in a group, it becomes even more difficult to approach and capture it.

You can use Sneaky Elixir and wear armor sets that increase your stealth stats, like Yiga Clan armor. Crouch and then approach the Spot from behind. Once the prompt appears, press A to ride it and periodically press the R button to calm it down.

If you are having difficulty capturing Spot, use the Ice arrow trick. Attach an ice fruit or white chuchu jelly to your arrow and hit Spot with it.

This will freeze the horse on the spot (no pun intended). Simply sit behind the horse and wait until it returns to its normal state. Quickly press the A button to mount it and hold the R button to calm it.

Once you have tamed the Spot, take it back to Lester at the Lookout Landing Stable. Talk to Lester to complete the Spotting Spot side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Lester will be highly pleased to see his horse back. He will give you three rewards for it.

The spot is a good beginner’s horse in the game. You can take it to the Horse God Fairy to increase its stats. However, we don’t recommend keeping this horse long-term.

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