Splinter Cell Blacklist Briggs 4th Echelon Missions Walkthrough Guide

How to successfully complete Brigg's All 4th Echelon Missions in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist has a special set of side-missions called 4E (stands for 4th Echelon) missions, which can be conducted by speaking to various NPCs in the game. All missions support co-op play, but 12 of the 16 missions can also be performed solo. The other 4 missions all come from Briggs, and require a partner to play with you.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Briggs 4th Echelon Missions

In this walkthrough we’ll be covering the four Briggs Missions.

Brigg’s 4E Mission #1

The first mission will have you Kargil City, Kashmir, infiltrating enemy lines to gain intel about the possibility of a nuke device. Meanwhile, weapons are being smuggled across the Indian and Pakistan borders as well, and Briggs believes there’s a connection.

Since the mission relies heavily on co-op mode, you’ll need a friend that has a very similar playstyle as yours so things don’t go haywire. I would recommend a Ghost or Panther styled approach in order to keep things under control.

You’ll start off by going to an open area with trucks followed by a set of destroyed tanks.


The trucks are in the central region. Have your partner take one side of the truck while you take the other, sweeping the place and picking enemies systematically. Once through, you’ll need to rappel down to a rocky area with enemies. The enemies are lined up stupidly, and should be quite easy for you and your teammate to take out.

Move on ahead and you’ll come across a bridge with two smuggler trucks on it. You need plant C4s on the trucks and destroy them, and the only way you can do that is by neutralizing the enemies on the bridge. Be careful, be there are two heavy-armored guys up there. Avoid the sniper’s laser for now and try to move forward cover to cover.

Once the two trucks are armed, make your way forward through the abandoned village type region till you reach a small cut-scene.

Now, your next objective is to check out three buildings. One of them will have intel. Now, at this point you’ll have to split up. At this time, it’s best that both you and your teammate go completely silent, otherwise it’ll be very difficult for one to go and rescue the other.

Silently make your way past all the guards to the houses. Once you have located the intel, it’s time for ex-filtration.

However, you’ll run across some scripted trouble. Now, things can get a bit annoying here. It’s important to note that once you or your teammate have control of the UAV, missiles won’t really get the snipers housed inside buildings. Thus, use the wall-penetrating Canon for indoor targets, while keeping the missiles for outdoor targets, provided they aren’t close to your teammate.

If they are, simply use Canons instead.

Your teammate and you will have to swap control of the UAV. Sadly, you can’t avoid the place turning into a hot battle, but you can certainly avoid direct contact with enemies, and let the UAV controller do most of the job. Just make sure you mark targets for the UAV guy.

Be careful while going through the alley exposed, as enemies will tend to keep spawning periodically. Once both you and your teammate have had their chance to get to the secure area, you’ll get into the extraction truck, and the mission will be over.

Briggs 4E Mission #2

It’s time to head to Bangalore, India now in Briggs’s second co-op mission. The first bit is fairly easy. You’ll start off be infiltrating a heavily fortified area. You can’t kill anyone or be detected, so it’s best to take all the stealth gadgets with you.

To the right and left side are some buildings. Have your partner take one side while you take the other, and clear out enemies in a silent fashion.

Dual-breach the gate at the end, and then immediately get into right of left cover. There are snipers watching, and the headlights will make you and your partner easy pickings. Let the truck move forward, and then take out the guards without getting into the sniper’s view.

The right side of the road is a good place to move forward till you reach the sniper’s tower at the far end. Climb up and take out the sniper, and then quietly move back to the other tower, and take out the sniper there too.

Make sure you shoot out the lights in both the towers.

Now, you’ll have around four to five guards in the building just behind the door you need to go through. Two of them are guarding the large gate, and should be taken out as they’ll have good sight to the area you have to go to.

The rest can be avoided, but it’s best to clean up, since lifting the shutters will make some noise.

Once you have infiltrated the facility, you’ll have to go through some tight indoor security. There is also a camera. On the top right side is a small opening near the ceiling. Go over it to take out the camera, and also take out the lights with it. Then exit the building to the open area.

There are cameras here too. Make sure you avoid the lit areas as well. There shouldn’t be any guards in this place if you took out all the ones in the building (including the one in the basement).

Move forward to the objective and cut the power. Now, the real fun begins. It’s time to enter the missile base.

The electric fences are down, so you can easily move on. The moat area to the right intuitively seems like the right place to go from, but it’s packed with proxy mines. Make your way through the minefield carefully till the point where you have to dual-boost.

In the outside region of the missile base, you’ll see that there are plenty of guards. The folks will bring the power soon, so climb on the military truck and get ready to shoot the lights in front of the building when they do turn on.

Take out all the guards in this open area. You’ll find it pretty easy to navigate around and taking out the troops, since it has plenty of cover in the form of the trucks (plus you’re two people instead of one).

Once the outside of the base is clear, it’s time to move into the building. Take out the main door’s light and perform a dual-breach. Now you can use lethal force. Head on to forward for a cut-scene.

You’ll have to clear out a large area with the missiles. The place has multiple stories, and you’re on the top most. Tag as many enemies as you can by the overlook, then head straight down the stairs and take out the lights.

The central facility is well lit, and sadly it’s hard to take out the lights there. Stick to shadows and have your partner clear out along with you. There are also some indoor areas in every story, which should be easier to clear out than the open.

Remember, you can use lethal force here, so there’s not real reason to be extra cautious with your bullets, unless you’re attempting a Ghost play-through.

Once the place is cleared (shouldn’t take too long), you’ll have reinforcements arrive. While the warheads are being reinserted into the missile, have your partner stand at one far end of the walkway areas while you stand at the other.

The enemies will arrive from a door with red flashing lights, so you can easily position yourself to take them out even when they’ve just entered the building.

If you aren’t playing Ghost, it’s probably best to go hot at this time – just be careful of grenades though.

Once that’s done, access the waypoint computer, and you’ll be greeted by some snipers. Hopefully, your partner and you are positioned well enough for one of you to take out the snipers. If not, then use the missile parts as cover to move from one place to the other.

Be careful when you do that though, since there will be Mercs on the lower parts as well. Have your partner take out the sniper while he’s distracted by your movement on the lower ground, and then pick out the remaining Mercs one by one.

Once your partner and you access the computers near the missile, it’s time to prepare for another assault. A great way to do this it to take out all the lights in the all the indoor regions of the place, and then silently take out enemies from there.

The problem is that the mercs have lights, so if the detect you, they won’t leave you easily, and frankly speaking it’s really hard to remain hidden in this part of the mission. Make sure to secure the high-value target, after which you’ll be able to evacuate.

Briggs 4E Mission #3

For the third Briggs mission, you’ll be heading to Chittagong, Bangladesh. You’ll start off on the roof area of a wrecked place. Climb down from the ledges to the left to reach the ground. There are guards patrolling on two towers, and a few on the ground.

There are also a few dogs as well, which will be the problem. Take out the tower guards first, and then the dogs. It’s actually tough to do this without getting noticed, so perhaps the best bet would be to go on an all-out assault.

Once the enemies have been cleared, move on ahead, perform a dual-boost, and you’ll be in a linear-looking construction sight. This place is has quite a few armored guards, so be careful on your approach.

Thankfully, the place is fairly straightforward, so you shouldn’t have much trouble. Just keep an eye on the guard with the shield. You’ll need your partner to take him out, and it’s best to do it silently, otherwise he can be quite difficult to handle. Distract him as much as you can, and have your partner take him out from behind.

In the next part of the mission, you’ll be climbing up walls in rainy condition – not that that’ll affect your climbing skills in any way. Your partner will split up with you for now, and you’ll have to move to the left and climb an apartment building. There are snipers and enemies located on the balconies; make sure you take them out. Once on the rooftop, clear the initial path of enemies.

As you move forward, you’ll find quite a few enemies in a relatively small-spaced area. You should work collectively with your partner to take them out. Have your partner distract them while you silently pick the ones that remain behind.

Once done, dual-breach the door.

Go down and you’ll end up in a hallway filled with anyone mine-drones and cameras. This place can be pretty troublesome, because the hall is quite narrow, the cameras are fast and have intense lights, and the terrible drones are fast and follow you around every till they explode.

Try to short-circuit as many drones as you can with your Sticky Shocker. As for the cameras, just shoot them out. Make sure you take care of the mine-drones first.

It’s easy to alert enemies while you’re doing this, so have your partner stay behind to provide cover if any guard comes around.  The next part after the dual breach can be difficult, because there are plenty of guards, and some of them have night-vision goggles on.

Clear through them really carefully. It’s hard to go completely Ghost in this portion of the mission, and it’s equally hard to go loud, so maintain balance between stealth and action.

The next place after the second (or was it third?) dual breach is also difficult. All the enemies will have night-vision. Hopefully you brought along some grenades, because the AI isn’t very smart, and will tend to cluster in the narrow corridors.

There are also some cameras, which you want take out at all costs (I don’t mean that literally). Dual breach to the next for some cut-scenes, and the end of the mission.

Briggs 4E Mission #4

Koltsovo Naukograd, Russia is where you’re headed for the final Briggs co-op mission. For this mission you’ll need some good equipment. Carry an alternative weapon, preferably a medium-to-long ranged one with a high rate of fire, even if you are attempting a Ghost run.

Your objective is infiltrating the Psych Lab, which is located in a heavily fortified open base. Start off by taking out the sniper guards on the towers. The towers are well-lit, so be careful and try not to get caught. It’s best to do this with as little lethal force and as little noise as possible. The larger tower has a guard at the lower story as well, so make sure you get him too.

One the place is cleared, dual-breach the door and rappel down. Your partner will land on another story than you will, so be careful during this time, as revival won’t be possible. Hopefully, you won’t run into much trouble (save for two night-vision guards).

Once you get to the upper floor, have your partner move forward in-sync with you. Be sure to take out the lookout sniper on the top floor. Once you clear out the lower floor, heavies will arrive there. Taking them head-on can be a really difficult task, so it’s best to use the tunnel-like area in the back for cover.

Let the settle, and then use the area’s darkness and walls to your advantage. There are plenty of cover spots which you can use to lure isolated heavies and perform take-downs. It’s best if your partner or you stay behind the tunnels, while the other attempts to take out as many heavies as possible.

If things go downhill, then your partner should come to rescue you. Repeat this procedure until the place is cleared. Note that there may be additional guards on the upper floor too, and often more heavies will come from the far end of the hall.

Dual-breach the next door, and after clearing out a few guards you’ll reach a large area with a turbine generator at the center. Clear out the area, and stop the generator. Now it’s time to run for it!

The next section is really tricky. Heavies will spawn here, and if you get spotted there are high chances of you and your partner biting the dust, as the hallway is relatively narrow. Clear out the rooms to the left and right of the hallway as well, as most of them are occupied with heavies.

This corridor-ish area is pretty long, so you’ll have to maintain persistence and consistency in your play-style. Towards the end of the section is a white liftable door. This section is inside a science lab. After the decontamination, you’ll arrive in a large office-like area. There are only heavies in the upper control room. Take them out to secure the area.

Okay, now you need to hack into various computer systems. You should have your partner stationed at the upper or lower floor, while you take the other. Guards will swarm in, including that door behind the control desk.

Once you have the two computers on the lower area, you need to hack the one on the control desk. This one can be problematic because heavies will be swarming the place. Clear them out, and that make your way through the glass door.

Now, you’re near the end of the Briggs missions. This section will render either you or your partner completely useless. One person will need to carry the body while staying in cover, while the other takes out all the enemies that appear in the open area.

This place is pretty fun if you decide to go all-out assault, but it can also be quite difficult. Make sure the person carrying the body remains covered. Now, get to the extraction point. The End? Not quite. Remember that I recommended that you take a medium-to-long range weapon? Well, this is why.

You’ll be downed, and you need to shoot the incoming horde of enemies. Take out your alternate weapon. Make sure you keep an eye on the ground surface too, as drone-mines will tend to crawl towards you. When you’re done with the shooting, the chopper will arrive to extract you.

Congratulations on finishing the Briggs 4E missions.

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