Splatoon 3 Tips To Know Beforehand

The third installment of the Splatoon Franchise has finally arrived with Nintendo Switch’s release of the Splatoon 3 and we have a lot of new tips for you.

While keeping the essence of the previous installments Splatoon 3 aims to one-up its predecessors with loads of extra weapons, custom choices, and general quality of life improvements.

So, for newer players and returning veterans, to get to grips with the new game and mechanics here are some of the best Splatoon 3 tips.

Find what control settings work for you

Make sure to tinker with the controls before the start of the game from the Options menu. You will need to decide whether to go with Motion Controls or Stick controls.

Default controls will be set at Motion Controls which might be a little difficult for beginners to get the hang of. However, with enough practice and a few adjustments to the sensitivity, accuracy, and precision of your aim will become perfect.

Learn stages in Recon Mode and weapons in Test Range

Recon mode presents a perfect opportunity for absolute beginners to the game to get themselves familiarized with the game mechanics, modes, battles, maps, etc.


Using this mode, you will be able to wander around the game freely and see what happens on every map, battle, etc., and strategize your gameplay.

Furthermore, you can also test your weapons in a test range before buying them. From the weapons shop, press Y to open a test range and test out weapons of your interest. This will enable you to get familiar with the mechanics of that weapon and the decision of buying it or not will be a lot easier.

Managing ink refills in Splatoon 3

Like all previous Splatoon installments, ink is still an essential commodity in Splatoon 3. From defeating your opponents to traversing the match field, the management of your ink supply will be the key to your success.

Take a dip inside the paint, and fully drench yourself to top up your ink tanks. Traveling through the paint area is the perfect way to keep your ink tank full as well as effectively make your way across the map.

Try every weapon for the perfect match

The unique weapons unlocked throughout the playthrough are what make the Splatoon experience so fun. All the weapons will be ideal for one scenario while being not so effective for another.

Weapons like Rollers have a wide area spread but don’t have the range of blasters.

It’s always best to way out the advantages and drawbacks of a weapon and consider which one suits the situation rather than using the boring default blaster.

Gain experience in the campaign mode

An overlooked game mode in the Splatoon franchise is its story or campaign mode. Though the story is something revolutionary it provides newer players the opportunity to get to grips with the game’s mechanics before diving into multiplayer.

Players can pick up new tricks and even try out and experiment with new weapons and abilities to gain an edge over the competition.

The minimap

Respawning after a death can be very disorientating. Once you respawn have a glance at the minimap, examine the opponent’s attack, and accordingly, plan your strategy instead of diving headfirst to another death.

Focus on the painting

Players should understand that Splatoon isn’t your conventional FPS. While taking out the enemy is a part of it, the primary objective is splashing the entire match area with your team’s designated color.

Newer players often make the mistake of shifting their focus towards taking out the enemy instead they should focus on painting over the enemy’s colored area.

Choosing the correct Arsenal

In Splatoon, clothes aren’t merely cosmetic items therefore equipping the correct attire is as important as choosing your weapon and combo.

Every appliable clothing item has designated slots that can hold a set number of perks. Choose wisely as the best-looking items aren’t always the best in battle.

Charging-up your special

Specials are powerful attacks that be unleashed once the special bar is filled. Using a well-timed special attack can turn the outcome of a battle on its head.

Weapons have a unique special of their own some more powerful than others so be mindful when choosing them.

The special bar can be filled as your takeout opposing team players or fill up large patches of area. Do these more often to quickly fill up the special meter and destroy your enemy with a powerful attack.

Team up with friends

It is always a better option to hop on a call with friends and team up for battle rather than queuing with randoms.

You can make better callouts, implement strategies, not overlap the same areas as your teammates, and ask for backup.

While it may not be an option for everyone, you should always consider it if available.

Careful Super jumping

Super Jump is an effective way to either escape or get to a newer patch of land. However, reckless super-jumping can more likely lead you to your death should you fall in front of an enemy in an exposed state.

Stealth Jump perks may be added to clothing items to help reduce this chance.

Additionally, you should be ready to aid your teammate should he find himself in such a position after a poorly timed super jump.

with loads of extra weapons, custom choices, and general quality-of-life improvements.

Bombs and sprinklers

Every player will aim for the opponent’s base, the best weapons to use for this task are Sprinklers and Fizzy Bombs.

As soon as you respawn, throw them immediately to regain control on the battlefield and fill up your special bar at the same time.

We hope that by using these tips, you’ll be able to have more fun as you play Splatoon 3.

Get a bigger locker in Splatoon 3

Initially, you’ll start the game with a small locker in Multiplayer mode. However, the size of the locker can be increased by playing multiplayer games and reaching level 15.

Similarly, once you hit level 30, an even bigger locker is unlocked.

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