How To Play Tableturf Battles In Splatoon 3

Tableturf Battles are a kind of collectible card-based board game in Splatoon 3 where players can battle NPCs for special rewards.

Your goal is to cover as many grids as possible with ink using a deck of cards within 12 turns. That, however, is just on the surface. Your cards decide the pace of each battle, and there are more rules in there for you to understand.

The following guide will explain how and where to play Tableturf Battles as a way to take a break from the traditional ink-splattering contest of Splatoon 3.

Where to find the Tableturf Dojo in Splatoon 3

You need to unlock the Tableturf Dojo in order to play Tableturf Battles. You can unlock the dojo by reaching leveling 4 through multiplayer matches.

To find the Tableturf Dojo, head to the main plaza and climb up the stairs that lead towards the lobby, and then take a right.

You will come across a building with an orange sign and a black logo on it. On the right side of the building, you will see an alleyway. Enter the alleyway and continue straight forward until you come across a staff member. Speak with them to receive a starting deck for your first Tableturf Battle.

How to play Tableturf Battles in Splatoon 3

Tableturf Battles have a set of rules just like any other card game. Every turn, a player has to choose one of their cards to place down on the board. The amount of paint on the cards put down will earn players points.

It is important to remember that players can only ink a spot next to the areas that are already under their control. Once a spot is taken, you cannot take over that spot from the other player.

If both the players try to ink the same spot in the exact same turn, the card which has the lower number will win.

There are also some special spaces on the board that are orange-colored spots. Surrounding these spaces with ink will earn you special points that can be used for special attacks to take over the opponent’s spaces.

How to get more Tableturf Cards in Splatoon 3

Your primary way of getting more Tableturf Cards is to simply play as many Tableturf Battles as possible. Leveling up in the game rewards you with a new pack of cards.

You can also get more Tableturf Cards by spending shells at the Shell Out machine. The machine uses conch shells and there is a probability that the machine will drop cards in exchange for the shells.

Lastly, you can purchase more Tableturf Cards from the shop in Hotlantis using Catalog Points. However, you can only get normal cards using this method and not higher-ranked ones.

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