How To Get Cataloge Points In Splatoon 3

Catalogs are basically season passes in Splatoon 3 that players can level up for free to unlock various rewards at their respective tiers.

Do note that you can only level up a Catalog with Catalog Points (CP) and not the regular Experience Points (XP) that you earn otherwise in the game.

Every Catalog level requires around 9,500 CP to unlock a reward which can range from a series of cosmetic options to customizing your Splashtag, character, and locker.

Just like a traditional season pass, Catalogs are going to change every quarter, giving you only three months to gain enough CP to max out your seasonal Catalog.

The following guide will tell you just how to get Catalog Points in Splatoon 3.

How to farm Catalog Points in Splatoon 3

The one and the only way of earning Catalog Points in the game is to grind as many matches as possible. It does not matter what mode you are playing. You can jump into Turf War Battles or Anarchy Battles and both are going to give CP.

It also does not matter if you win or lose the match. You will get Catalog Points at the end of the match either way. Winning, though, will naturally net more CP bonuses. So, make sure to not just grind matches in Splatoon 3, you have to win them as well to farm Catalog Points quickly.

Another way of getting more Catalog Points than usual is to win the first match of the day. That will give you 7,500 CP. If you are pressed for time, you can still only get your first win and return later on to continue your farm.

You can also exchange your Regular Points for CP provided that you are willing to spare them. Regular Points are the main currency of Splatoon 3 and are also earned by simply playing the game. You need Regular Points to purchase items from the three in-game cosmetic shops: Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station.

For better or worse, Splatoon 3 has no consumable item like CP-boosting food to increase the amount of CP gained in each match.

In a nutshell, you will have to grind a ton of matches to get enough Catalog Points to level up your Catalog for its rewards before the season ends.

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