How To Scan Splatoon 3 QR Codes, Download SPLATNET 3 App, Earn Rewards

If you are looking for some exclusive rewards to stand out from the crowd in Splatoon 3, get your smartphone and start scanning QR codes.

In what appears to be another way of boosting engagement, Splatoon 3 has QR codes that you can scan for rewards and bonuses.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not really detailed the process to help out players. The following guide will hence get you prepped by explaining where to find these QR codes, how to scan them, and finally, how to redeem their rewards.

QR codes list and rewards

There is currently only one QR code for you to scan, which is probably because Splatoon 3 was just recently released. Additional QR codes are bound to surface down the road.

For now, though, you can scan the following QR code for an exclusive Splatoon 3 Launch Commemorative Banner.

Splatoon 3 QR Code Banner

How to scan QR codes in Splatoon 3

You are firstly going to need the official Nintendo Switch Online app on either your iOS or Android mobile device.

You are also going to need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Open the Nintendo app and select Splatoon 3 from the given list of games. That will open up SplatNet 3, the dedicated game-service extension of Splatoon 3.

You will see several options in front of you such as catalog to see your seasonal progress, albums to see your screenshots, replays to check your highlights, and such.

There will also be a QR Code Reader option here. Head in there and give the app permission to access your camera. Next, scan a valid Splatoon 3 QR code to instantly get a reward.

Once you are done scanning, back out and go into the Lobby Terminal. You can get your QR code reward in Get Stuff.

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