How To Get All Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks?

In this guide, we will go over all the amiibo available for Splatoon 3 and what each one unlocks. We'll also cover how to scan for amiibos.

Splatoon 3 has a fun way of expanding your character’s exclusive wardrobe and appearance using amiibo figurines. Amiibo are collectible figures by Nintendo with special features in compatible games. You can get these figures from Amazon or Nintendo’s official website.

Once you have the amiibo, you can scan it at the Amiibo Booth in Splatsville. This unlocks a special gear set themed after the character on the amiibo. These gear sets come in multiple pieces, and you’ll need to participate in some Turf War matches to unlock them all. Winning battles progressively grants you access to the shoes, top, and headgear, allowing you to complete the entire outfit.

This guide will provide a comprehensive list of all the Splatoon 3 amiibo and the gear sets they unlock.

How to scan Amiibos?

You need to use your amiibo to unlock rewards, which is straightforward. Head to the Amiibo booth in Splatsville, the game’s central hub. There, you can interact with the amiibo reader and scan your figurine. The first scan might not unlock everything immediately; you must win some Turf games in between scans. The first scan will likely yield the shoes of the amiibo.

Once you have the shoes, you must win 20 battles to unlock the next armor set piece. After a few victories, you’ll receive each piece of the gear set sequentially, allowing you to progressively build your amiibo-themed look. Let’s look at all the rewards your amiibo’s will give you.

Pearl and Marina amiibos

In Splatoon 2, Off the Hook replaced the Squid Sisters, and Marina the Octoling is one half of that fearless duo. If you purchase her, you’ll also get Pearl, the Inkling!

The Pearl amiibo will give you Pearlescent Kicks (special charge up), Pearlescent Hoodie (respawn punisher), Pearlescent Crown S (sub resistance up), and Pearlescent Crown L (sub resistance up). Marina amiibo will reward you with marinated slip-ons (ink recovery up), marinated tops (special power-up), and marinated headphones (special saver).

Inkling Boy amiibo – original Splatoon (blue / purple)

An Inkling Boy is depicted on the standard Inkling Boy amiibo, posed with a Splattershot weapon. The typical Inkling Boy has blue skin and purple shoes.

It unlocks the Samurai Jacket (a special power-up), Samurai Shoes (a special charge-up), and Samurai Helmet (a quick super jump).

Inkling Girl amiibo – original Splatoon (orange / green)

The default Inkling Girl employs an orange color scheme like many other Inkling characters in the Splatoon amiibo series, but you’ll notice she is sporting pink and purple shoes.

Scan it to obtain the Base School Shoes, School Shoes + Hi Socks, School Hairclip, and School Uniform.

Inkling Girl amiibo – Splatoon 2 (neon pink)

The neon pink Inkling amiibo wears striking blue shoes and an eye mask. After scanning it, you’ll receive baggy-sock fringe loafers, base fringe loafers, school cardigans, and a squid clip-on.

Inkling Squid amiibo – original Splatoon (green / orange)

For most of the “normal” amiibo collection, the green Inkling Squid amiibo unlocks is out of the ordinary in Splatoon 3. If you desire one, you won’t have any problem obtaining this squid figurine.

After scanning it, you’ll receive the Power Boots (ink saver main), Power Armor (quick respawn), and Power Mask (sub resistance up).

Octoling Girl amiibo – Splatoon 2

Despite being another Japanese import, there are no compatibility issues with the Octoling Girl amiibo, which holds the E-liter 4K. For scanning it, you’ll receive an Enchanted Hat (ink saver main), Enchanted Boots (run speed up), and Enchanted Robes (thermal ink).

Octoling Boy amiibo – Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks octoling boy amiibo

Unlike Inkling amiibos, Octoling figurines are fewer in number. If you look at this amiibo, it wields an Octobrush. Using it, you can unlock the Steel Platemail (ink saver sub), Steel Helm (special charge up), and Steel Greaves (object shredder).

Octoling octopus Amiibo – Splatoon 2

Normally, the Octoling Octopus is the Inkling Squid’s Octoling counterpart. He poses angrily and has vivid pink colors.

You may get the Fresh Fish Gloves (quick super jump), Fresh Fish Head (comeback), and Fresh Fish Feet (quick respawn) by scanning it.

Marie Amiibo

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks marie amiibo

If you purchase the dual-pack that includes Callie, you’ll receive Marie as the other half of the Squid Sisters presenters!

Marie strikes a dramatic posture in a black-and-green outfit and white gloves. Scan it to reveal the replicas of an armored helmet, jacket, and boots.

Callie and Marie Amiibo

Callie is the ideal addition to your amiibo collection. She poses in her black and pink attire and is one half of the famous Squid Sisters.

If you purchase her, a double pack of Marie is also included. It makes the Hero Runner, Hero Jacket, and Hero Headset Replicas available.

Inkling Squid amiibo – original Splatoon (green)

For most of the “regular” amiibo lineup, the green Inkling Squid amiibo is out of the ordinary. You won’t have any trouble obtaining this squid figure if you want one. After scanning it, you’ll receive the Power Boots, Power Armor, and Power Mask.

Inkling squid (orange)

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks inkling squid orange

If green isn’t your color or you simply want an alternative, choose the orange Inkling Squid. Keep in mind that this one is now tougher to obtain in stock. Scan it to access the Power Boots, Power Armor, and Power Mask.

Inkling Boy (Purple)

This extremely uncommon variation of the Inkling Boy amiibo has a nearly identical stance and level of detail but a different color palette that emphasizes a light purple. It makes the Samurai Jacket (Special Charge Up), Samurai Shoes (Special Power Up), and Samurai Helmet (Quick Super Jump) available.

Inkling Boy (lime green)

This Inkling Boy version features a pink and lime green Tentatek Splattershot with a neon green design.

Despite being an import from Japan, this amiibo is available worldwide. You may get the Squinja Mask I and II (Quick Respawn), Squinja Suit (Special Saver), and Squinja Shoes (Swim Speed Up) amiibo unlocks by scanning it in Splatoon 3.

Inkling Girl (lime green)

If you want something else, there is also an Inkling Girl with a Lime Green motif. Be aware that stock of this amiibo is extremely difficult to come by.

Scan it to obtain the Base School Shoes, School Shoes + Hi Socks, School Hairclip, and School Uniform.

Inkling Girl (Super Smash Bros.)

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks super smash bros inkling girl

In appreciation of the Inkling Girl’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros., Nintendo has created an alternative amiibo.

With this amiibo, you may get the School Hairclip, School Uniform, School Shoes + Hi Socks, and Base School Shoes.

Inkling Squid amiibo – Splatoon 2 (Purple)

This neon purple inkling squid gunlocks Power Boots Mk I, Power Armor Mk I, and Power Mask Mk I.

Shiver – Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks shiver

The third boss of the single-player campaign, an Octoling in Splatville. This deep-indigo amiibo is a member of Deep Cut, and he rides a megalodon. His light/navy blue hair is what makes him unique. Scanning this amiibo will give Hohojiro Mask (sub power-up), Chomp Top (ninja squid), and Faux Sharkskin Platfins (ink resistance up).

Frye – Splatoon 3

The dancing gangster Frye is a member of the Deep Cut. This inkling has a signature color, that is yellow. She uses moray eels to attack and ride in an Octostomp if you fight her in single-player mode. This amiibo gives you Onaga Mask (run speed up), Eelneck Tank (intensify action), and Eelheel Socks (Special Saver).

Big Man – Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks big man

This was the first Splatfest and the last member of Deep Cut. This amiibo is portrayed by a grey-colored manta ray and has red as his signature color. Getting Big Man will unlock Manta Mask (last-ditch effort), Big Slick (swim speed up), and Big Muds (stealth jump).

Octoling (Blue) – Splatoon 3

The blue/purple-haired amiibo with a large spray gun rewards you with Sushi Sous-Chef Brank (ink saver sub), Black-Belf Gi (haunt), and Kick Dampeners (quick super jump).

Inkling (Yellow) – Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks yellow inkling

The Inkling (yellow) amiibo Veronika is yellow, which is her signature color. Scanning her will give you Boss Floss (intensify action), schoolyard scrap jack (sub resistance up), and Knotty Bois (drop roller).

Small Fry – Splatoon 3

This salmonid-type species is also known as Little Buddy. Having this character in your game gives you the benefit of inflicting damage, distracting enemies, and activating mechanics like propellers, ink switches, and inkrails.

Having red hair, this amiibo benefits you with Chaos Helm (special power-up), Chaos Commander Suit (ink saver main), and Chaos Kicks (intensify action).

How to fix Amiibo gear not unlocking error

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks bug

Some players face Errors in which they cannot unlock or scan the Amiibo gear in Splatoon 3. Below, we have mentioned some solutions that can fix the gear not unlocking Error.

Play More Matches

The first solution to fix this Error is to play more matches. You must play some matches to get the reward after buying a new figure. You have to reach level 10 of character to get the gear rewards.

Restart Game

Sometimes, you might face a problem because the console is not scanning the figure correctly. Restarting the game is the best available solution to fix this.

Scanning the Amiigo in Splatoon 2

You can also try scanning the Amiibo in Splatoon 2 and then return to Splatoon 3 to restore and save the Splatoon 2 data. In this way, some players could get the gear they were looking for.

One of the above will fix the Amiibo gear not unlocking Error in Spalatoon 3. If you are still facing the issue, restoring your Amiibo data will work.

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