Splatoon 2 Hero Weapons Unlocks Guide

Splatoon 2 Hero Weapons Unlocks Guide to help you unlock all available Hero Weapons in the game which are the variants of normal weapons.

Splatoon 2 Hero Weapons Unlock Guide to help you unlock all the hero weapons in the game. Hero weapons are upgradeable variants of the normal weapons. They are unlocked before you can actually use them in the game.

We have listed all the hero weapons and how you will unlock them for both singleplayer and online multiplayer. With the help of this guide, you will know exactly how to get started and unlock the weapons.

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Splatoon 2 Hero Weapons Unlocks

Unlocking hero weapons is no easy feat. You will be required to put in a lot of work if you want to unlock all 9 hero weapons in the game.

As you progress through the singleplayer, Sheldon will ask you to test out different weapons to help him out.

After you complete that specific part of the game, you will unlock that weapon for the singleplayer part of the game. The weapons and how they are unlocked for singleplayer are mentioned below:

  • Hero Shot – Unlocked in Lair 1
  • Hero Roller – Unlocked in Lair 4
  • Hero Dualies – Unlocked in Lair 5
  • Hero Charge – Unlocked in Lair 6
  • Hero Slosher – Unlocked in Lair 10
  • Hero Splatling – Unlocked in Lair 13
  • Hero Blaster – Unlocked in Lair 19
  • Hero Brella – Unlocked in Lair 20
  • Hero Brush – Unlocked in Lair 22

Hence, as you complete each lair, you will unlock a weapon that you can play with in single player campaign.

Now the real deal, to unlock these weapons for the multiplayer, you need to complete all twenty-seven lairs in the game as well as the 5 boss fights in the campaign.

And that is not just once, to unlock all weapons you need to play the whole thing with using only a single weapon at a time and after you are done, it will unlock that one weapon to use in the multiplayer.

So that makes it 9 runs of twenty-seven lairs with 5 boss battles to unlock all 9 hero weapons.

This is certainly no easy task but if you really want to take your game to the next level in the multiplayer, you will need these hero weapons. This is all to help Sheldon complete his research for the Hero Weapons.

Once you have completed every Lair level with one Hero Weapon, Sheldon will tell you that his research for that weapon is complete. You can therefore, take it into Splatoon 2 online matches.

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