Splatoon 2 Gear Guide

Splatoon 2 Gear Guide to help you unlock every brand's gear pieces along with their unique abilities, sub abilities, and more.

This Splatoon 2 Gear Guide explains in detail all the gear that is present in the game. We have listed every piece of gear that is available as well as how you will obtain this gear, how to you equip it, and what are the things that you must do before you can actually start buying gear from the merchants.

Gear in Splatoon 2 is actually functional and effects your gameplay and adds and subtracts certain stats based on its quality. Each equipped piece of gear grants your Inkling one main ability and as many as three sub abilities.

If completely outfitted with clothing, shoes, and headgear, your character can potentially go into Ink Battles benefiting from three main abilities and nine sub abilities which is actually what you want to do if you want to win

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Splatoon 2 Gear

You will unlock access to the merchants when you reach level 4. Also the stock in every shop is changed on a daily basis so you can check back again if you do not find an item that you need. Their available stock is based on your level. The higher your level, the better the chance of rarer gear appearing.

Main Ability

Each piece of gear has one main ability. The main ability is three times as powerful as a sub ability. Main abilities are static and cannot be changed.

Gear Rarity

The rarity of the gear ranges from one to 3 stars, with one star being the most common and three stars being the rarest. The rarity of gear directly correlates with the number of unlocked sub ability slots it starts with: one-star gear gets only one sub ability slot, two-star gear gets two slots, and three-star gear gets three slots.

Gear Brand

An item’s brand can influence which sub abilities are assigned. All gear in Splatoon 2 is manufactured by a variety of brands. Every brand features unique abilities which include two weighted abilities: a common ability and an uncommon ability.

The common ability is 5 times more likely to appear as a sub ability for that brand when compared to other brands. For example, Ink Saver (Main) is five times more likely to appear on Splash Mob-branded gear, compared to every other brand.

The uncommon ability is half as likely to appear as a sub ability for that brand when compared to other brands. For example, Swim Speed Up is half as likely to appear on Rockenberg-branded gear, compared to every other brand. Cuttlegear and amiibo-branded equipment don’t have common or uncommon abilities; every ability has an equal chance of appearing on these items.


  • Common Ability: Cold-Blooded
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Saver


  • Common Ability: Sub Power Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Ink Resistance Up


  • Common Ability: Sub Ink Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Ink Recovery Up


  • Common Ability: Special Power Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Sub Ink Saver


  • Common Ability: Bomb Defense Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Cold-Blooded


  • Common Ability: Swim Speed Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Bomb Defense Up


  • Common Ability: Run Speed Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Swim Speed Up


  • Common Ability: Quick Respawn
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Saver

Splash Mob

  • Common Ability: Main Ink Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Run Speed Up


  • Common Ability: Ink Resistance Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Main Ink Saver


  • Common Ability: Special Charge Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Power Up


  • Common Ability: Ink Recovery Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Quick Super Jump

Toni Kensa

  • Common Ability: Cold-Blooded
  • Uncommon Ability: Sub Power Up


  • Common Ability: Special Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Charge Up


  • Common Ability: Quick Super Jump
  • Uncommon Ability: Quick Respawn

Visit Jelfonzo at Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe to see what clothing he has in stock. Stocks update every day so check back often to see what is new.

Ye Olde Cloth Shop

Name Ability Brand
Basic Tee Quick Respawn SquidForce
White Tee Ink Saver (Sub) SquidForce
Black Squideye Run Speed Up Tentatek
Black Tee Special Power Up SquidForce
Sunny-Day Tee Special Charge Up Krak-On
Fugu Tee Swim Speed Up Firefin
Mint Tee Bomb Defense Up Skalop
Red Vector Tee Ink Saver (Main) Takoroka
Blue Peaks Tee Ink Saver (Sub) Inkline
Sailor-Stripe Tee Run Speed Up Splash Mob
White 8-Bit FishFry Sub Power Up Firefin
White Anchor Tee Ninja Squid SquidForce
Black V-Neck Tee Thermal Ink SquidForce
White Deca Logo Tee Ink Resistance Up Zink
Half-Sleeve Sweater Ink Saver (Sub) Toni Kensa
King Jersey Respawn Punisher Enperry
Gray 8-Bit FishFry Special Charge Up Firefin
White V-Neck Tee Special Saver SquidForce
White Urchin Rock Tee Ink Saver (Main) Rockenberg
Black Urchin Rock Tee Ink Recovery Up Rockenberg
Wet Floor Band Tee Swim Speed Up Rockenberg
Squid Squad Band Tee Ink Resistance Up Rockenberg
Navy Deca Logo Tee Ink Saver (Main) Zink
Mister Shrug Tee Ink Resistance Up Krak-On
Chirpy Chips Band Tee Cold-Blooded Rockenberg
Hightide Era Band Tee Thermal Ink Rockenberg
Black LS Quick Super Jump Zekko
Purple Camo LS Sub Power Up Takoroka
Navy Striped LS Ink Recovery Up Splash Mob
Zekko Baseball LS Bomb Defense Up Zekko
White Baseball LS Quick Super Jump Rockenberg
Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt Quick Super Jump Splash Mob
Inkopolis Squaps Jersey Cold-Blooded Zink
Annaki Drive Tee Thermal Ink Annaki
Lime Easy-Stripe Shirt Ink Resistance Up Splash Mob
Annaki Evolution Tee Respawn Punisher Annaki
Yellow Layered LS Quick Super Jump SquidForce
Zink Layered LS Respawn Punisher Zink
Layered Anchor LS Run Speed Up SquidForce
Choco Layered LS Ink Saver (Sub) Takoroka
Layered Vector LS Special Saver Takoroka
Green Tee Special Saver Forge
Red Tentatek Tee Swim Speed Up Tentatek
Blue Tentatek Tee Quick Respawn Tentatek
Shrimp-Pink Polo Ninja Squid Splash Mob
Cycle King Jersey Bomb Defense Up Tentatek
Slipstream United Bomb Defense Up Takoroka
FC Albacore Respawn Punisher Takoroka
Berry Ski Jacket Special Power Up Inkline
Varsity Jacket Ink Saver (Sub) Zekko
Black Inky Rider Sub Power Up Rockenberg
White Inky Rider Special Power Up Rockenberg
Blue Sailor Suit Sub Power Up Forge
Squid Satin Jacket Quick Respawn Zekko
Chilly Mountain Coat Swim Speed Up Inkline
Takoroka Windcrusher Cold-Blooded Takoroka
Annaki Blue Cuff Special Saver Annaki
Annaki Red Cuff Haunt Annaki
Annaki Yellow Cuff Quick Respawn Annaki
Matcha Down Jacket Ninja Squid Inkline
FA-01 Jacket Ink Recovery Up Forge
FA-01 Reversed Quick Super Jump Forge
Pullover Coat Thermal Ink Toni Kensa
Birded Corduroy Jacket Run Speed Up Zekko
Zekko Redleaf Coat Haunt Zekko
Eggplant Mountain Coat Special Saver Inkline
Zekko Jade Coat Respawn Punisher Zekko
B-ball Jersey (Away) Ink Saver (Sub) Zink
B-ball Jersey (Home) Special Saver Zink
Baseball Jersey Special Charge Up Firefin
Moist Ghillie Suit Ink Saver (Sub) Forge
Mountain Vest Swim Speed Up Inkline
White King Tank Haunt Enperry
Slash King Tank Thermal Ink Enperry
Navy King Tank Ink Resistance Up Enperry
Retro Sweat Bomb Defense Up SquidForce
Reel Sweat Special Power Up Zekko
Anchor Sweat Cold-Blooded SquidForce
Negative Longcuff Sweater Haunt Toni Kensa
Short Knit Layers Ink Saver (Main) Toni Kensa
Positive Longcuff Sweater Swim Speed Up Toni Kensa
Green-Check Shirt Sub Power Up Zekko
Urchins Jersey Run Speed Up Zink
Baby-Jelly Shirt Bomb Defense Up Splash Mob
Vintage Check Shirt Haunt Rockenberg
Logo Aloha Shirt Ink Recovery Up Zekko
Shirt & Tie Special Saver Splash Mob
Hula Punk Shirt Ink Saver (Main) Annaki
Octobowler Shirt Ink Saver (Main) Krak-On
Inkfall Shirt Special Charge Up Toni Kensa
Crimson Parashooter Special Charge Up Annaki
Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie Cold-Blooded Splash Mob
Prune Parashooter Ninja Squid Annaki
Dark Urban Vest Cold-Blooded Firefin
Yellow Urban Vest Haunt Firefin
Camo Zip Hoodie Quick Respawn Firefin
Zekko Hoodie Ninja Squid Zekko
Shirt with Blue Hoodie Special Power Up Splash Mob
Grape Hoodie Quick Respawn Enperry
Gray Hoodie Sub Power Up Skalop
School Uniform Ink Recovery Up amiibo
Samurai Jacket Special Charge Up amiibo
Power Armor Quick Respawn amiibo
School Cardigan Run Speed Up amiibo
Squinja Suit Special Saver amiibo
Power Armor Mk I Ink Resistance Up amiibo
Splatfest Tee Ability Doubler SquidForce
Hero Jacket Replica Swim Speed Up Cuttlegear
Armor Jacket Replica Special Charge Up Cuttlegear
Hero Hoodie Replica Ink Recovery Up Cuttlegear
N-Pacer Sweat Thermal Ink Enperry
Navy College Sweat Ink Resistance Up Splash Mob
Navy Eminence Jacket Ink Saver (Main) Enperry
Neo Octoling Armor Haunt Cuttlegear
Null Armor Replica Ink Resistance Up Cuttlegear
Octarian Retro Respawn Punisher Cuttlegear

Flow, at Headspace, sells a variety of hats and other headgear. As with the other gear shops, check in with Flow each day to see what new items she has in stock.

Name Ability Brand
White Headband Ink Recovery Up SquidForce
Anglerfish Mask Ink Saver (Main) SquidForce
Annaki Beret & Glasses Ink Saver (Main) Annaki
B-ball Headband Opening Gambit Zink
Black Arrowbands Tenacity Zekko
Black FishFry Bandana Bomb Defense Up DX Firefin
Blowfish Newsie Quick Super Jump Firefin
Classic Straw Boater Special Power Up Skalop
Conductor Cap Sub Power Up Cuttlegear
Deca Tackle Visor Helmet Sub Power Up Forge
Urchins Cap Sub Power Up Skalop
Lightweight Cap Swim Speed Up Inkline
Takoroka Mesh Bomb Defense Up Takoroka
Squidvader Cap Special Charge Up Skalop
Camo Mesh Swim Speed Up Firefin
Five-Panel Cap Comeback Zekko
Backwards Cap Quick Respawn Zekko
Cycle King Cap Bomb Defense Up Tentatek
King Flip Mesh Run Speed Up Enperry
Hickory Work Cap Special Power Up Krak-On
Jellyvader Cap Ink Saver (Sub) Skalop
Bobble Hat Quick Super Jump Splash Mob
Striped Beanie Opening Gambit Splash Mob
Special Forces Beret Opening Gambit Forge
Knitted Hat Ink Resistance Up Firefin
Annaki Beret Ink Resistance Up Annaki
Retro Specs Quick Respawn Splash Mob
Pilot Goggles Sub Power Up Forge
Yamagiri Beanie Main Power Up Inkline
Zekko Cap Opening Gambit Zekko
Zekko Mesh Quick Super Jump Zekko
Tinted Shades Last-Ditch Effort Zekko
Snorkel Mask Ink Saver (Sub) Forge
Fake Contacts Special Charge Up Tentatek
18K Aviators Last-Ditch Effort Rockenberg
Half-Rim Glasses Special Power Up Splash Mob
Safari Hat Last-Ditch Effort Forge
Camping Hat Special Power Up Inkline
Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Bomb Defense Up DX Forge
Octoglasses Last-Ditch Effort Firefin
Blowfish Bell Hat Ink Recovery Up Firefin
Bamboo Hat Ink Saver (Main) Inkline
Straw Boater Quick Super Jump Skalop
Bucket Hat Special Saver SquidForce
Patched Hat Cold-Blooded Skalop
Studio Headphones Ink Saver (Main) Forge
Noise Cancelers Quick Respawn Forge
Squidfin Hook Cans Ink Resistance Up Forge
FishFry Visor Special Charge Up Firefin
Sun Visor Sub Power Up Tentatek
Takoroka Visor Quick Super Jump Takoroka
Bike Helmet Ink Recovery Up Skalop
Visor Skate Helmet Last-Ditch Effort Skalop
MTB Helmet Tenacity Zekko
Hockey Helmet Cold-Blooded Forge
Paintball Mask Comeback Forge
Skull Bandana Special Saver Forge
Painter’s Mask Cold-Blooded SquidForce
Annaki Mask Opening Gambit Annaki
Squid Facemask Ink Saver (Main) SquidForce
Firefin Facemask Run Speed Up Firefin
King Facemask Ink Saver (Sub) Enperry
Squash Headband Special Saver Zink
Tennis Headband Comeback Tentatek
Soccer Headband Tenacity Tentatek
Squid Hairclip Swim Speed Up amiibo
Samurai Helmet Quick Super Jump amiibo
Power Mask Bomb Defense Up amiibo
Squid Clip-Ons Opening Gambit amiibo
Squinja Mask Quick Respawn amiibo
Power Mask Mk I Ink Resistance Up amiibo
Hero Headset Replica Run Speed Up Cuttlegear
Armor Helmet Replica Tenacity Cuttlegear
Hero Headphones Replica Quick Respawn Cuttlegear

Bisk, over at Shella Fresh, has plenty of footwear to choose from. Stock is rotated daily, so check back daily to find that item that you are looking for.

Name Ability Brand
Cream Basics Special Saver Krak-On
White Seahorses Ink Recovery Up Zink
Amber Sea Slug Hi-Tops Drop Roller Tentatek
Annaki Arachno Boots Swim Speed Up Annaki
Annaki Habaneros Sub Power Up Annaki
Annaki Tigers Special Power Up Annaki
Strapping Whites Ink Saver (Sub) Splash Mob
Strapping Reds Ink Resistance Up Splash Mob
Suede Gray Lace-Ups Ink Recovery Up Zekko
Suede Marine Lace-Ups Ink Resistance Up Zekko
Suede Nation Lace-Ups Ink Saver (Main) Zekko
LE Soccer Shoes Ink Resistance Up Takoroka
Sunny Climbing Shoes Special Saver Inkline
Birch Climbing Shoes Special Charge Up Inkline
Red Hi-Horses Ink Saver (Main) Zink
Purple Hi-Horses Special Power Up Zink
Hunter Hi-Tops Ink Recovery Up Krak-On
Gold Hi-Horses Run Speed Up Zink
Mawcasins Ink Recovery Up Splash Mob
Mint Dakroniks Drop Roller Zink
Black Dakroniks Cold-Blooded Zink
Piranha Moccasins Stealth Jump Splash Mob
White Norimaki 750s Swim Speed Up Tentatek
Black Norimaki 750s Special Charge Up Tentatek
Sunset Orca Hi-Tops Drop Roller Takoroka
Black & Blue Squidkid V Special Saver Enperry
Red & Black Squidkid IV Special Charge Up Enperry
Blue & Black Squidkid IV Quick Super Jump Enperry
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops Bomb Defense Up Tentatek
Orca Hi-Tops Special Saver Takoroka
Pink Trainers Sub Power Up Tentatek
Orange Arrows Ink Saver (Main) Takoroka
Neon Sea Slugs Ink Resistance Up Tentatek
Purple Sea Slugs Run Speed Up Tentatek
Crazy Arrows Stealth Jump Takoroka
Black Trainers Quick Respawn Tentatek
Canary Trainers Quick Super Jump Tentatek
Yellow-Mesh Sneakers Cold-Blooded Tentatek
Arrow Pull-Ons Drop Roller Toni Kensa
Athletic Arrows Object Shredder Takoroka
Banana Basics Bomb Defense Up DX Krak-On
Red-Mesh Sneakers Special Power Up Tentatek
Oyster Clogs Run Speed Up Krak-On
Choco Clogs Quick Respawn Krak-On
Neon Delta Straps Sub Power Up Inkline
Black Flip-Flops Object Shredder Zekko
Snow Delta Straps Swim Speed Up Inkline
Blueberry Casuals Ink Saver (Sub) Krak-On
Snowy Down Boots Quick Super Jump Tentatek
Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons Bomb Defense Up DX Krak-On
Plum Casuals Object Shredder Krak-On
Trail Boots Ink Recovery Up Inkline
Pro Trail Boots Ink Resistance Up Inkline
Moto Boots Quick Respawn Rockenberg
Blue Moto Boots Ink Resistance Up Rockenberg
Acerola Rain Boots Run Speed Up Inkline
Punk Whites Special Charge Up Rockenberg
Hunting Boots Bomb Defense Up Splash Mob
Punk Blacks Cold-Blooded Rockenberg
Blue Slip-Ons Sub Power Up Krak-On
White Kicks Swim Speed Up Rockenberg
Cherry Kicks Stealth Jump Rockenberg
Roasted Brogues Bomb Defense Up Rockenberg
Kid Clams Special Power Up Rockenberg
Smoky Wingtips Object Shredder Rockenberg
School Shoes Ink Saver (Sub) amiibo
Samurai Shoes Special Power Up amiibo
Power Boots Ink Saver (Main) amiibo
Fringed Loafers Cold-Blooded amiibo
Squinja Boots Swim Speed Up amiibo
Squink Wingtips Quick Respawn Rockenberg
Steel Greaves Object Shredder amiibo
Power Boots Mk I Bomb Defense Up amiibo
Hero Runner Replicas Quick Super Jump Cuttlegear
Armor Boot Replicas Ink Saver (Main) Cuttlegear
Hero Snowboots Replicas Ink Saver (Sub) Cuttlegear


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