Splatoon 2 Amiibo Unlocks Guide

Our Splatoon 2 Amiibo Unlocks Guide to help you use amiibos and unlock the bonus gear in Splatoon 2. Just like the original game, Splatoon 2 has access to elusive amiibo gear and we have all of it detailed in this Guide.

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Splatoon 2 Amiibo Unlocks

Amiibo have been a fun part of most Nintendo games since their first release back on the Wii U, and Splatoon 2 continues this trend with three brand new amiibo. The game also includes support for the amiibo released for the first Splatoon game.

How to Activate Amiibo

To activate amiibo, make your way to Inkopolis Square and then look for the empty amiibo box in the back of the plaza. Head over to it and interact with it to bring up the menu.

Once the menu is activated, simply hold your amiibo over the designated NFC chip, and you will be able to swap your special amiibo gear right in.

All Amiibo Gear

The first amiibos on our list are the Inkling Girl amiibos. When using these amiibos you will unlock the School uniform, Squid hairclip, and the School shoes. These items are great because they allow you to pick up some good abilities like Ink Recovery Up, Swim Speed Up, and Ink Saver.


This gear can be unlocked using either of the Splatoon Inkling Girl amiibos that were released for Splatoon.

These next set of items are unlocked using the original Inkling Boy amiibos released for Splatoon on the Wii U.

These amiibos can be activated to gain access to the Samurai Jacket, Samurai Helmet, and Samurai Boots. Powerups included with these pieces of gear include Special Charge Up, Quick Super Jump, and Special Power Up.

Using the original Inkling Squid amiibos in Splatoon 2 will also reward you with some nice gear, including the Power Armor, Power Mask, and Power Boots. These items grant players abilities like Quick Respawn, Bomb Defense Up, and Ink Saver.

Now that we have covered the original amiibos, let us take a quick look at the new amiibo available.

Starting with the Inkling Girl amiibo, this amiibo will grant you the School Cardigan, the Squid Clip-Ons, and the Fringed Loafers, which will give you abilities like Run Speed Up, Opening Gambit, and Cold-Blooded.

Using the new Inkling Boy amiibo will grant you the Squinja Suit, Squinja Mask, and Squinja Boots.

With these items equipped, you will have the Special Saver, Quick Respawn, and Swim Speed Up abilities.

Activating the Inkling Squid amiibo will give you the Power Armor Mk 1, Power Mask Mk 1, and Power Boots Mk 1. When equipped you will receive Ink Resistance Up, Ink Resistance Up, and Bomb Defense Up abilities respectively.

Pearl and Marina Amiibo

The Pearl amiibo will give you the Pearlescent Crown (cold blooded ability), Pearlescent Hoodie (respawn punisher ability) and Pearlescent Kicks (special charge up ability).

The Marina amiibo will give you the Marinated Headphones (special saver ability), Marinated top (special power up ability) and the Marinated Slip-Ons (Ink Recovery up Ability)

Callie & Marie Amiibo Gear

These are two special edition amiibo of Callie and Marie, two very well-known individuals in the Splatoon backstory.

Using the Callie amiibo will grant you the Hero Jacket Replica, Hero Headset Replica, and Hero Runner Replicas. The player will also gain access to the Swim Speed Up, Run Speed Up, and Quick Super Jump abilities when these items are equipped.

If you activate the Marie amiibo in Inkopolis Square, you will receive the Armor Jacket Replica, Armor Helmet Replica, and Armor Boot Replicas. These will allow you to utilize the Special Charge Up, Tenacity, and Ink Saver abilities.

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