Marvel’s Spider-Man Research Station Locations Guide

With the help of our Marvel’s SpiderMan Research Stations Guide, you will be able to complete all side quests of Research Stations in the game.

Research Stations are some of the side activities that you can complete in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. These are basically short missions that reward Spider-Man with Research Tokens.

While Research Stations are completely optional, you will have to eventually unlock all of them. That is because every Research Station becomes a fast travel point after completion.

The following guide will point out the locations and requirements of every Oscorp Research Station in Spider-Man Remastered.

How To Unlock Oscorp Research Stations

The Oscorp Research Stations are unlocked when you complete the “Harry’s Passion Project” mission. Some stations, however, are only available after some specific upgrades are obtained.

Visiting each Oscorp Research Station will earn you 1 Research Token. Whereas, visiting all Research Stations in a single area will award you with 2 Research Tokens and 100 XP.

Oscorp Research Station Locations

There are a total of 17 Oscorp Research Stations in Spider-Man Remastered. They are all spread across different regions of the city.

While many of the Research Stations only require you to visit them in order to get the reward, some of them have some additional requirements in order to be unlocked.


Location #1: Ventilate the Problem
Requirement: None

You must destroy 15 vents within 45 seconds in order to turn off the main valve.

Location #2: Shaking Harlem
Requirement: You must unlock the “Ground Strike” skill.

Use the Ground Strike move to reveal and relieve high-pressure spots.

Location #3: Visibly Shaken
Requirement: None

You must enter the field of drones and destroy them while staying invisible.

Upper West Side

Location #1: Spider-Bot
Requirement: None

You must track down a missing Spider-Bot.

Location #2: Lightning Rod
Requirement: You must complete all activities at the Research Station.

You must redirect antennas to connect all the signal towers.

Upper East Side

Location #1: Dive and Dash
Requirement: None

You must take an algae sample and make a couple of deep dives.

Hell’s Kitchen

Location #1: Vaccinate the Fish
Requirement: None

You must find and cure the affected barrels at the docks.

Location #2: Snapping Up Smog
Requirement: None

You must swing through eight clouds of smog before tracking down two vehicles for a picture.


Location #1: Reboot Times Square
Requirement: None

You must swing by and shoot webs at the given points.

Location #2: Pigeon Vaccine
Requirement: None

You must vaccinate pigeons at all three parks.

Location #3: Chemical Leak
Requirement: None

You must solve a puzzle to stop a chemical leak.

Location #4: Data Chain
Requirement: None

You must realign the ESU server by completing a puzzle.


Location #1: Hiding in the Crowd
Requirement: None

You must stop a leaking propellant and then capture a thief.


Location #1: Under Pressure
Requirement: None

You must plug the leakages and clear the debris blocking the water flow.

Location #2: Smog Alert
Requirement: None

You must swing through eight clouds of smog before tracking down three vehicles for a picture.

Financial District

Location #1: Bacteria Buddies
Requirement: None

You must reach ESU without swinging and then find a chemical for research.

Location #2: Cell Tower Frequency
Requirement: You must unlock the Electric Web by completing the “Wheels Within Wheels” mission.

You must reset the towers causing interference in your suit.

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