Spider-Man 2: Under Construction Mysterium Gold Guide

This requires a change in settings.

“Under Construction” is probably the most difficult Mysterium challenge to complete for a gold ranking in Spider-Man 2. Some players actually believe that it is impossible to do, and requires a bit of nerf from Insomniac Games.

To make it worse, this is often the first challenge that most players start with among all Mysterium locations in Spider-Man 2.

You need to defeat all 20 enemies within 1:00 to unlock the gold (ultimate) rank in Under Construction, which is easier said than done in Spider-Man 2.

Let’s break down its location and step by step walkthrough on how you can beat this activity.

Under Construction Mysterium location

The location of the “Under Construction Mysterium” is near the top right side of Harlem in Cyberpunk 2077. The map below shows exactly where you need to go to start the challenge.

The location is just northeast of Central Park.

How to get Under Construction Gold in Spider-Man 2

Taking out 20 enemies inside just 60 seconds looks almost impossible to do. The only way to achieve that is to take advantage of some throwables in the challenge, and by tweaking your game settings.


1. Max out the damage

Before starting the Under Construction Mysterium for gold, it is highly recommended to max out your damage in Spider-Man 2. This is because you will be running against the clock and have to make sure every hit counts.

This also means that you should take on this challenge near the end of your playthrough, or after you have unlocked all of your damage upgrades.

2. Turn down the game speed and difficulty

Before entering the portal, be sure to go into settings > gameplay> game speed, and turn it down to 30 percent.

This way when you enter the portal and begin the fight, the game will run slower than normal giving you time to move and hit enemies as soon as possible whilst saving the timer in-game.

It is not easy to knock out 20 enemies in 60 seconds but with reduced game speed, you may very well be able to achieve it if you don’t miss your hits or grapples.

One more thing to do is to go to gameplay and switch enemy health to Friendly Neighborhood. This will allow you to one-shot most enemies.

3. Throwables

Upon starting the Under Construction challenge, grapple the first three enemies that appear on the center platform and beat them up in Spider-Man 2.

Once done, jump and start to throw the items floating around the map. They should knock out the enemy upon impact.

4. Focus bar and Surge

Once you run out of throwables, the best way to take out enemies is to first use all of your focus bars and then hit surge in a group of enemies standing together.

Applying all these techniques accordingly will definitely get you 12-15 takedowns within 30-45 seconds. This will give you enough spare time to take out the remaining enemies for a gold ranking in Spider-Man 2’s Under Construction Mysterium.

Do remember that due to time constraints, you can not make many errors such as missing hits, falling off platforms, or getting hit.

Timely dodging and swiftly moving from one knockout to the other is the way to go. Happy Swinging!

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