Spider-Man 2 Mysterium Locations Guide

Uncovering the Mysterio.

Mysterium locations or Mysterium Dev Diaries in Spider-Man 2 are mini-challenges that give you an opportunity to test your combat skills and see if you can rise to the most demanding challenges in New York with Miles only. 

Depending on how well you perform, you can get with bronze, silver, or gold rating and the higher you score, the more Hero Tokens you can earn. 

Completing all Mysterium Challenges will reward you with the Behind The Masks Achievement and the amazing Smoke and Mirrors Suit in Spider-Man 2. The good thing for trophy hunters and suit collectors is that you do not need to aim for silver or gold since getting bronze will suffice for the rewards.

However, if you want to challenge yourself, we advise completing the story and grabbing a few upgrades because earning Gold will require strategy and advanced techniques. Before you try your hand at these Mysterium, you need to first know where you can find them. 

All Mysterium locations in Spider-Man 2

To unlock Mysterium in Spider-Man 2, you need to first complete the Main Quest 13: Hunt To Live, Live To Hunt. They appear as green portals that will appear in the middle of the street or on top of buildings after you have de-fogged the entire city.

There are 10 Mysterium locations in Spider-Man 2 with the last one being available after you complete all other challenges. They are spread across eight districts so we have mentioned them in an order that will form a simple route that you can easily follow.


Under Construction – Harlem

It can challenging to get gold in the Under Construction Mysterium.

The first Mysterium location you will unlock after completing the Hunt To Live, Live To Hunt Main Quest is Under Construction in Spider-Man 2. You can find it in east Harlem, in the Roxxon building towards the middle near the coastline. 

During the challenge, you will need to defeat 20 enemies in under a minute while poisonous gas fills your lungs halfway through. 

Under Construction Mysterium
Defeat 20 enemies
GoldUnder 1:00
SilverUnder 1:30
BronzeOver 1:30

Tips for gold: We recommend maxing out Miles’s abilities and bringing health boosters for survivability. 

The biggest problem is that enemies are far apart and grouping them all together is out of an option because of time constriction. Something that helped us was using the Web to cover distances quickly, tying up the enemies, and then knocking them off the platforms for quick kills and time boosts. 

You can also slow down your gameplay speed to 30% under the Gameplay menu in Settings to give yourself more time to work with.  

Lastly, your gadgets will be your best friend so spam them as much as you can. 

Everyone Is A Critic – Central Park

Everyone Is A Critic Mysterium is found in the middle of Central Park’s West border. 

It is another timed trial where you need to defeat several enemies but this time around, Mysterio makes an appearance around the halfway mark. He will make all enemies invulnerable to your damage for a certain duration. 

Everyone’s A Critic Mysterium
Defeat 30 enemies
GoldUnder 1:45
SilverUnder 2:15
BronzeOver 2:15

Tips for gold: We advise taking out as many enemies as you can and shifting your focus toward Mysterio when he arrives to dispel the buff. Once you get rid of him, make quick work of the remaining foes to complete it in under 1:45 minutes for Gold.

Prison Break – Upper East Side

Polish your combo skills because you need them to get gold in the Prison Break Mysterium.

Prison Break Mysterium in Spider-Man 2 is found in the southeast corner of the Upper East Side, next to the Queensboro Bridge at the coast.

You will need to take out all enemies within 2:15 minutes for Gold while Mysterio makes foes invulnerable to all damage. 

Prison Break Mysterium
Defeat 20 enemies
GoldUnder 2:15
SilverUnder 2:45
BronzeOver 2:45

Tips for gold: This is where Miles’s abilities will really shine as the damage multipliers of combos will come in clutch.

Mysterio will also make the occasional appearance so the strategy is pretty similar, take out foes, focus on Mysterio, and then wrap up what’s left. You will be notified of Mysterio’s appearance with the floating red mark on your screen.

The Invisible Enemy – Midtown

The Invisible Enemy Mysterium Dev Diary in Spider-Man 2 is found in the southeast corner of the Upper East Side, next to the Queensboro Bridge at the coast.

You need to successfully use Finishers on 6 enemies within 2:10 minutes to score Gold in the Midtown Mysterium. 

The name of the challenge comes from enemies turning invisible after a certain period, putting the pressure to deal with them quicker. 

The Invisible Enemy Mysterium
Use 6 Finishers
GoldUnder 2:10
SilverUnder 2:40
BronzeOver 2:40

Tips for gold: The focus of the challenge is on performing finishers rather than defeating enemies so we advise only using your normal attacks to charge them up faster. Once you have the ability ready, use the Triangle + Circle buttons when the prompt appears to successfully use a Finisher.

Abilities will slow you down so it’s best not to rely on them for the challenge. Lastly, make sure to evade when your spider-sense glows red or white as there will be a lot of incoming damage. 

Fight On Time – Chinatown

Fight on Time is another Mysterium location where you need good combat skills in Spider-Man 2.

The Invisible Enemy Mysterium Dev Diary in Spider-Man 2 is found in the northwest corner of the Chinatown District, on the border connecting to Greenwich.

Another take on the Finisher challenge, where you need to successfully perform 6 finishers but also dodge the giant clock beam targeting you.

Fight On Time Mysterium
Use 6 Finishers
GoldUnder 3:30
SilverUnder 5:00
BronzeOver 5:00

Tips for Gold: Similar to before, focus on performing normal attacks to charge up the Finisher faster and avoid using abilities so as to not waste time.

The Clock beam will be shot periodically so you can focus on evading it when the prompt pops up but other than that just avoid getting in its way. 

Punch Your Ticket – Downtown Queens

Punch Your Ticket Mysterium in Spider-Man 2 is found on the southeast border of Downtown Queens District, in the alleyway near Pizza Amigos.

During the challenge, you will have to take out Brutes within a fixed time limit. To earn Gold, you need to defeat 6 of them within 2 minutes.

Punch Your Ticket Mysterium
Defeat 6 Brutes
GoldUnder 2:00
SilverUnder 3:20
BronzeOver 3:20

Tips for gold: This Mysterium Dev Diary is all about how quickly you can dish out big damage so having upgraded abilities is essential for victory.

Another thing you need to look out for is the trains that will randomly spawn around the map. You can spot them by the green train tracks on the ground or by listening to the bell sound before their arrival. 

To break through Brute’s defense, we recommend you spam your abilities with normal attacks in between, use your environment to your advantage by chucking things at them, and jungle them mid-air with longer combos for increased damage. 

Grave Decision – Williamsburg

There are two Mysterium challenges in Williamsburg that you can challenge. The first one, Grave Decision Mysterium Dev Diary in Spider-Man 2 is found in the central Williamsburg District, in the alleyway between the large buildings.

The challenge is all about your dodging skills as you will have to sustain no damage in order to score Gold.

Grave Decision Mysterium
Defeat 3 waves of enemies
GoldTake 0 hits
SilverTake less than 3 hits
BronzeTake more than 3 hits

Tips for gold: Be mindful of your spider sense and evade when it glows red or white for optimal dodges. You can also use your Web to move between enemies quickly in order to avoid getting hit. 

Road Rage – Williamsburg

The second Spider-Man 2 Mysterium location in Williamsburg is Road Rage which is found on the west border of the District, next to the Queensboro Bridge.

The challenge is the same as the first one where you will need to avoid taking any damage from your enemies. 

Road Rage Mysterium
Defeat 20 enemies
GoldTake 0 hits
SilverTake less than 3 hits
BronzeTake more than 3 hits

Fear Of Heights – Downtown Brooklyn

Fear Of Heights Mysterium in Spider-Man 2 is found in the northeast of Downtown Brooklyn District, on a grass patch a few meters away from the Church.

During the Mysterium, you need to knock off a fixed number of enemies from the roof into the void.

Fear Of Heights Mysterium
Knock 15 enemies into the Void
GoldUnder 1:30
SilverUnder 2:15
BronzeOver 2:15

Tips for gold: The best tip we can give is to target the enemies that are already near the edge and spam swing attacks to throw them off quickly. It is one of the easier and fun challenges so you won’t have much difficulty scoring Gold.

Grand Finale – Downtown Brooklyn

The last Mysterium location unlocks the final boss fight in Spider-Man 2.

The Grand Finale Mysterium Dev Diary in Spider-Man 2 is the last Mysterium challenge that will unlock after you have completed all other challenges. You will find the trial in Coney Island located at the southeast border of Downtown Brooklyn.  

The last challenge is a boss fight with Mysterio with no other limit of time or damage taken. Mysterio is a medium-difficulty boss with surprisingly low HP and can be defeated by spamming your abilities.

You will face Mysterio himself in a boss fight after completing Mysterium challenges in Spider-Man 2.

After the first phase, you will find yourself in an infinitely looping hallway. To escape, you need to turn around and exit the door behind you. 

The second phase will have a more challenging arena where most of the combat takes place in the air. You will need to watch out for the green lasers from the Ferris Wheel while taking on Mysterio’s clones.

After the fight, you will learn the truth about the Mysterium and finally complete the Mysterium challenges in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 Mysterium Rewards

The rewards for each challenge will depend on your level of clearance. Completing Mysterium in Spider-Man 2 rewards you with 1 Hero Token for Bronze and Silver clears with 200 and 300 XP respectively. Achieving the Gold level will get you 400XP with 2 Hero Tokens. 

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