South Park: The Fractured but Whole Classes Guide

South Park: The Fractured but Whole Classes Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about different classes in the game and the Best Classes.

This South Park: The Fractured but Whole Classes Guide analyzes all playable classes and lets you know which one of them will be a perfect fit for your playstyle by listing all of the strengths and weaknesses of the classes.

When you start the new South Park game, you will soon be asked to select one of the three basic classes which are available to you at the start of the game. Although there will be other classes as you move through the game, there are only three available to you at the start.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Classes

Since the best classes are generally subjective, we will be covering all three of the classes so you can decide for yourself which of the class is best for you.

You can change your class by talking to Cartman and the friends that join your party will generally cover all of the classes in the game.

Let’s take a look at the classes to see which one is the best for you.


Extremely fast, good for high risk players who want high rewards that go along with a high skillcap.

  • Primary Attribute: Brawn
  • Secondary Attribute: Spunk
  • Double Edge: You get two actions this turn but miss the next one.
  • Quantum Fist: You can punch a foe at medium range, low damage.
  • Hyperspace Fury: Ultimate Ability. Very high damage to single target.
  • Supersonic Dash: Travels through enemies in a line, deals low damage to all and knocks back the last target.


Out and Out fighter, good for players who have a good sense of positioning themselves.

  • Primary Attribute: Brawn
  • Secondary Attribute: Spunk
  • Full-Force Fisting: Deals high damage to a single target.
  • Wrecking Ball: Charges a line and knocks back enemies.
  • Brutal Bash: Deals a lot of damage and knocks back a target.
  • Gastro Smash: Fart in a small area applying Knock Back and Grosses Out


Glass cannon class which uses range to deal damage.

  • Primary Attribute: Brains
  • Secondary Attribute: Spunk
  • Triple Burn: Fires 3 fireballs at enemies, also causes burns.
  • Plasma Beam: This attack damages foes in a line and has a very long range.
  • Heat Wave: Attacks 3 across in front of user. All enemies hit are also knocked back.
  • Backfire Blast: Ultimate ability. Does a lot of damage and grosses out a lot of enemies in a cone shape in front of you.


This class uses effects to make it useful as it does not have a high amount of damage. The ice prison ability can be particularly useful if used at the correct time.

  • Primary Attribute: Brains
  • Secondary Attribute: Spunk
  • Sand Trap: Damage three enemies in front of you.
  • Ice Prison: Causes damage and applies Chilled on one target.
  • Hydro Helper: Heals a nearby ally, or the user, and grants Attack Up to them.
  • Elemental Onslaught: Ultimate ability. Small damage to all enemies that are hit. Shock and Chilled are also applied to them.


Cyborgs have a medium ranged attack. They primarily rely on abilities to deal massive damage to the enemy.

  • Fatal Attraction: Pulls in all enemies in a cone and does a little bit of damage to them.
  • Ganz Technique: Gain block and apply Enrage on a nearby enemy.
  • Faraday Uncaged: a fair amount of damage and knockback to an enemy at close range.
  • The Big Guns: Ultimate Ability. Huge damage to single enemy, also knocks them back.
  • Primary Attribute: Brawn and Spunk
  • Secondary Attribute: None


The Psychic class can shield, deal lots of damage and apply confuse on enemies.

  • Psi-Shield: You can shield yourself or an ally.
  • Dazzling Flash: Confuse and damage an enemy.
  • Cerebral Blast: Deals high damage in an X pattern.
  • Chakra Cleanse: Ultimate Ability. Protects and Heals.
  • Primary Attribute: Brains and Spunk
  • Secondary Attribute: None


This class does a lot of damage over time and has the ability to go invisible, making it great for players who enjoy stealth.

  • Secondary Attribute: None
  • Primary Attribute: Brawn and Spunk
  • Quick Cut: Deals damage at close range and makes the enemy bleed.
  • Deadly Dive: Ultimate Ability. A lot of damage, long range and invisibility.
  • Spin Slash: 4 directions long range, applies Bleeding to all enemies it hits
  • Shadow Swap: You become invisible and swap positions with an enemy while dealing a tiny amount of damage.


These guys provide sustained damage, they are good for team battles but not that useful one on one.

  • Primary Attribute: Brains
  • Secondary Attribute: None
  • Gigavolt Globe: Shocks and damages enemy in front.
  • Straight Shooter: A turret is placed, that damages enemies on both its sides.
  • Boom-Boom Buddy: Places a dummy that attracts enemies. It will explode after one turn.
  • Airborne Annihilator: Ultimate ability. Calls in drone to deal huge amounts of damage to a lot of enemies.


This is a support class with wide AoE abilities. It can resurrect a fallen ally, knock back enemies and cause them to bleed.

  • Primary Attribute: Spunk, Brains
  • Secondary Attribute: None
  • Sweet Scent: Damages and Charms a foe.
  • Natures Gift: Ultimate Ability. Revives and heals all KO’d teammates
  • Purifying Petals: Heals enemies in a small area and raises their attack.
  • Root Burst: Knocks back and deals small damage to enemies in a large area.

Martial Artist

These guys can do everything from tanking damage to dealing tons of it to shielding to stunning enemies.

  • Primary Attribute: Brawn
  • Secondary Attribute: None
  • Dragon Dance: Low amount of damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Dragon Force Punch: Deals massive damage and knocks back enemies.
  • Dragon Reversal: inflicts slow, defense down and damages an enemy with along with reverse knockback.
  • Dragon Swagger: Ultimate ability. Taunts every enemy on the battle field, inflicts rage and also shields the user of the ability.

Best Classes

The Blaster class is a ranged damaged dealer. You have the option of attacking from both close and long ranges. I would suggest that you opt for long range by staying in the backlines and away from the action.

This way you will be safer and will still deal a large amount of damage. Some of your attacks are also able to deal damage over time so it is best if you stay alive for as long as you can and deal as much damage as possible in that time.

The main problem that the Blaster will run into is that they can often end up blocking a lot of their teammates if they are trying to heal someone or themselves use ranged attacks, so make sure that you position yourself well to avoid running into problems.

The Brutalist is sort of like the Blaster, as in they deal a huge amount of damage, but they lack the range and can only attack enemies at close ranges.

They hit very, very hard and are more effective at attacking than any other starting class, but they need to get up close to actually deal damage.

They also have the option of doing attacks that deal damage of time like the Blasters do, but positioning with the Brutalists is far more important as it can be the difference between victory and defeat.

You might be able to take out enemies, but you will also be the first one to get hit. The Brutalists are best for players who are able to position themselves to avoid enemy attacks.


The main selling point of the speedsters is that they can attack really fast, however, they also lack the range that is so useful as a blaster.

This means that while you will be able to take out an enemy quite fast, your attacks will, for the most part, be focused on a single enemy.

You also have the ability to sacrifice your next turn in exchange for having two attacks this round, this is perfect if you want to finish off an enemy before they have a chance to heal.

Speedsters work well for players if they have a good sense of positioning and are able to avoid big damage attacks from opponents.

That is all we have for our South Park: The Fractured but Whole Classes Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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