Sony Santa Monica Is Looking for a Lead Writer, For God of War 5 or a New Project?

A new job posting from Sony Santa Monica has asked for a lead writer, but will it be for God of War 5 or something entirely new?

UPDATE: The studio has also posted a new opening for a Technical Art Lead, which you can find by following this link.

Sony Santa Monica has recently posted a new job listing saying that they were looking for a new lead writer, though they haven’t necessarily said what it’s for. It could be for God of War 5, or some other new project, but we can’t really know until the studio lets us know.

There are a wide variety of things that Sony Santa Monica might end up using a new lead writer for. While a new God of War game is an obvious choice, the studio and its head, Cory Barlog, have also hinted in the past that they were wanting to work on a new science-fiction title.

There hasn’t been any hinting at that game being worked on at all, as the main hint of it came from Cory Barlog’s official Twitter account, where the tweet for whatever it was only amounted to a simple “END TRANSMISSION” tweet. That may, however, only be the first hint of the game.

Other hints included that he had changed his profile picture to a picture of the Voyager 1 satellite, changed his header to a famous NASA photo of deep space, and had also changed his biography to read in Morse code “55HSIE”, which likely refers to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

God of War 5 is also a big possibility, considering that the previous game, which was critically acclaimed, ended on an enormous sequel hook. We haven’t gotten any hints that a new God of War game is in development either, but it’s a big possibility all the same.

The actual job listing from Sony Santa Monica doesn’t go into specifics on what game team that applicants would be joining, so it’s likely that they want to keep this as quiet as possible as to what they’re working on.

Whatever Sony Santa Monica wants their new lead writer for, whether it’s something sci-fi, or something related to God of War 5, or even to something entirely unrelated to either of those, hopefully whoever they end up hiring will be able to do a great job.

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