New Cory Barlog Game Teased, Appears To Be Sci-Fi

A new Cory Barlog game might have just been teased, and appears to be science fiction instead of another God of War game.

Cory Barlog, previously the creative director for the 2018 God of War game, has apparently begun to tease something space-related on his Twitter account. While we don’t know if it’s in reference to the Voyager satellite recently broadcasting its first extrasolar transmission, or if it’s teasing a new game, we’ll just have to see.

Last year’s God of War game got critical acclaim for the changes in its gameplay, its story, and its new world, selling a huge number of copies and revitalizing the God of War franchise. And, riding off of that sort of success, it’s likely that whatever new Cory Barlog game gets shown, it will likely be good.

The Twitter teasing only consisted of Barlog’s Twitter profile being changed to the satellite Voyager-1, and a Tweet that consisted of a serious of Morse code dots followed by “END TRANSMISSION.”

The Morse dots, when put into a translator (or if you know Morse code), say 55HSIE. The SIE might be referring to Sony Interactive Entertainment, which helped to publish God of War. However, that doesn’t otherwise give any hints as to the new game.

There have been a few hints towards a God of War sequel from Sony Santa Monica, since they released a Playstation 4 theme that says “Ragnarok is coming”, and recently went on a hiring spree for people that were familiar with God of War’s combat.

However, God of War has nothing to do with space, and we can’t really think of any reason where a satellite or Morse code might come into Norse mythology. So while there’s always the chance that it might be a God of War sequel, the new Cory Barlog game seems to be leaning in the sci-fi direction.

Either way, hopefully any other information that comes next will clear things up a bit more.

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