Sony Explains Why It Shared PS5 News So Randomly

The reason that led Sony to reveal the PlayStation 5 news/details out of the blue so randomly is to avoid leaks, according to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. That’s because Sony started sending out PS5 Devkits in April and they didn’t want leaks to reveal their next-generation console.

On April 16, Sony surprised everyone by announcing the first details PS5. The announcement was very unexpected. Moreover, the Japanese giant decided to do it in an interview instead of a press event.

If you’re wondering why Sony randomly dropped PS5 news last week, one reason is that (I hear) a bunch of third-party studios got/are getting dev kits this month. Sony knew info would start leaking now. So they beat everyone to it”, said Schreier.

In addition to this, Schreier also mentions that this surprise reveal was to get ahead of E3 hype. This is because of the rumors that Microsoft will be revealing its next-gen console (Xbox Anaconda aka Xbox Scarlett) at E3 2019. Since Sony is not attending E3 this year, and is now rumored to officially show PS5 at PlayStation Experience.

In the company’s recent earnings report, Sony said the company is likely to experience an “Increase in development expenses for the next generation”. Sony just more PS5 news to reveal the console won’t release in the next 12 months. Presumably, the PlayStation 5 release date is set somewhere in the Fall of 2020.

Mark Cerny has already confirmed that PlayStation 5 specs include a custom AMD chip based on 3rd gen Ryzen line and a 7nm 8-core CPU. It’s also confirmed that Sony’s next-gen console will feature support for ray-tracing and 8k graphics. To make that possible, Sony is using AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU according to an analyst. This is just a speculation for now. The price of the console is expected to be between $400-$600.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is expected to take the attention away from Sony’s PS5 by unveiling a more powerful next-gen console with an affordable price point. If the rumors are true, we can expect PS5 to hit the store shelves sometime in 2020.


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