Sony Executive Talks About PS4 Cross-Play, Expects More Games to Join In

Sony Excutive has talked about PS4 cross-play in depth in the latest podcast of PlayStation Blog post. Talking about why Sony is late and what's coming.

Sony has finally enabled cross-platform play for Fortnite between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Now, SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden further detailed the reason behind this change, telling everyone why they were late and what the future holds for PS4 Cross-play after Fortnite.

During the podcast, Layden revealed that Sony kept on working for PS4 Cross-play before making the huge announcement to the public a few days ago. Layden said:

This is something that has been taking up about 65% of my Twitter feed over the last few months, Now, enabling cross-play isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and there you go. It’s a very multidimensional attribute or feature.

Layden then admitted that Sony took long to bring this feature but there is a good reason for it. According to Layden, it was important for Sony to make sure everything runs smoothly across all platforms. Layden then noted that Sony is approaching PS4 cross-play as a Beta.

Right now, we’re in a beta test program, and when you beta test something you try to reduce the number of variables in the equation.” Layden said. “So right now, Fortnite is beta testing for cross-play. I think that, certainly, once we can prove that this is holding together sturdy and well, I would anticipate seeing other games in this service over time.

This detailed confirmation from Sony tells us that they are looking further into the situation and checking how everything works out between them and other platforms like Microsoft or Nintendo. It’s definitely a good step as it’s better to be late than never and Sony is also expecting more games to be a part of this service in the future but for now, it’s going to test it all with Fortnite.

Talking about expectations, there have been a lot from Fallout 76 but Pete Hines has completely shattered the dreams of every fan by saying that it will not support cross-play feature and they have no plans for it anytime soon.

Though we might see Spacelords adapting to this new feature quick as they are already working on it with Sony.

Now after Sony enabling Fortnite PS4 cross-play, it can now be played on  PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

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