After Fortnite, Spacelords is Also Getting Cross-Platform Support

Develeoper of Spacelords, Mercury Steam has revealed that they are working with Sony to bring full cross-platform support in the next update.

MercurySteam known for their Spacelords recently commented on the new PS4 cross-platform change. They revealed that they are working with Sony to enable full cross-platform play and it’s easy for their team to do.

MercurySteam got reached out by Wccftech after the big announcement. Mercury Steam said:

Spacelords currently features cross platform gaming between PlayStation 4 and Steam, and Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. Technically, expanding cross platform gaming to all platforms is relatively easy for our team to implement, and very desirable too for a game like ours – having a strong, unified community that can play together is key to Spacelords’ continuing success. We are working in cooperation with SIE to allow cross-platform play for Spacelords and we aim to update everyone on that shortly.

MercurySteam did confirm in the past that the Spacelords will feature cross-platform play but with matchmaking restrictions between PC/PlayStation 4 and Xbox One/Windows 10 PC/Steam because Sony wasn’t supportive before until now.

This looks all to change now soon and we could see full cross-platform support in Spacelords as soon as in the next update so be ready.

Along with this statement, MercurySteam has also revealed the roadmap for their upcoming update which is as follows.

Space Guilds: The first major Spacelords’ milestone will allow players to create and customize their own Space Guilds within the game, with full cross-platform implementation and expanded communication options. Aspiring Spacelords can team up, design their own Guild banner with the new in-game editor and coordinate their games together in preparation for the conflict to come.

Spacelords Identity

With the arrival of the new in-game store, players will now have countless more options for customizing their characters, with new outfits, exclusive weapon customizations, emotes to express in the game and even new fighting styles, melee weapons and finishing moves.

The Great Clash

With the Space Guilds now fighting to control the Aleph resources, the stakes will be raised much higher when they compete to show who’s the best! Guilds will endeavour to leave their mark on the Broken Planet, obtaining the best scores and literally planting their banner on the missions they master for all to see. This isn’t a battle anymore, but a War!

The Aurora Specters

Spacelords thrilling 4 v 1 gameplay will be further boosted with the arrival of the Aurora Specters, daemonic entities whose eldritch powers are only rivalled by their thirst for the Raiders’ blood. Something wicked this way comes.

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