Sony Patents PlayStation VR 2 Tech With Rotating Camera, Brings Motion Tracking Bracelets

PS5 will support VR but this is the first time we are hearing of a new VR device from Sony. The company is working on PlaYStation VR 2.

Sony is working on PS5 as we speak but PS5 isn’t the only thing currently in development it seems. PSVR has been a huge success for Sony and it looks like Sony plans to continue VR gaming with PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for what looks like PlayStation VR 2. The device features the ability to track the positions of your fingers to create new experiences without the controller.

It seems Sony wants the player to directly interact with the virtual world. One way to achieve this is, of course, taking the controller out of the picture. The idea sounds similar to Microsoft’s Kinect but with VR. Motion tracking didn’t work well for Kinect.

Sony filed the patent on October 11 for a “gaming device with rotatably place camera.” The patent briefly described the method through which the device will be able to track your finger movements while in VR.

The player will wear two wristbands/bracelets of sorts that will be tracked by PlayStation 5. It seems VR functionality might be built into the console itself.

A method to identify positions of fingers of a hand is described. The method includes capturing images of a first hand using a plurality of cameras that are part of a wearable device. The wearable device is attached to a wrist of a second hand and the plurality of cameras of the wearable device is disposed around the wearable device. The method includes repeating capturing of additional images of the first hand, the images and the additional images captured to produce a stream of captured image data during a session of presenting the virtual environment in a head-mounted display (HMD). The method includes sending the stream of captured image data to a computing device that is interfaced with the HMD. The computing device is configured to process the captured image data to identify changes in positions of the fingers of the first hand.

The idea sounds promising and fits with the recent rumors surrounding PS5. According to sources, PS5 features include VR, backward compatibility, and a brand new controller design. What’s interesting about the controller design is that spotted inside a video game for PlayStation VR.

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