PS5 Specs Could Throttle Hardware In Favor Of Backwards Compatibility

Reports regarding the PS5 have been circulating on the internet for a while now. A new patent was just found and it shows that the PS5 specs could be throttled in order to favor backward compatibility. Before getting into this you need to keep in mind that patents are filed every day and that this does not mean that Sony will go through with this.

There are multiple patents for the PS5 but we are just going to look into the 3 major patents that caught our eye. It is also worth mentioning that this is not the first time that we are seeing something like this. Turbo Button throttling was a thing back in the day and it worked fine. The same might be the case with the PS5. The patent mentions the following about hardware throttling:

Aspects of the present disclosure are related to execution of a computer application on a computer system. In particular, aspects of the present disclosure are related to a system or a method that provides backward compatibility for applications/titles designed for older versions of a computer system.

We see something similar in the PS4 Pro as well. In compatibility mode when running PS4 legacy titles, it shuts off half the GPU clusters and lowers clocks to ensure the legacy game runs without any timing issues or crashes. But very few games needed it, and most they run with higher FPS instead.

When it comes to PS5 specs, we have heard that the console will be powered by an AMD Zen CPU. If that is the case then it could efficiently emulate Jaguar. We have also heard that the CPU will be based on AMD Navi architecture. You can check out the patents at the official site.

Let us know whether or not you think PS5 specs could be limited due to backward compatibility support.

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