Dualshock 5 May Come With A Wireless Charging Adaptor

Sony has recently patented an accessory that serves as a power bank for DualShock controllers but without taking away controller...

Sony has recently patented an accessory that serves as a power bank for DualShock controllers but without taking away controller functionality from the user. Take note that while the description mentions DualShock 4 in an example, the similar design of DualShock 5 will be able to utilize the patented technology as well.

According to the recently granted patent, a wireless charging adapter with a housing can be attached to a DualShock controller. The housing will include keys that can be programmed to mimic the original keys of the controller when without the wireless charging adapter. Hence, a player can choose to keep the wireless charging adapter and keep playing without any hassle.

A wireless charging adapter that can snap onto a computer game controller can be inductively coupled to a charging base to wirelessly recharge a battery in the controller. The adapter also can include keys that mirror keys on the controller so that a gamer can remove the adapter with controller from the charging base, keep the adapter on the controller, and use both the controller keys and adapter keys to control a computer game.

The adapter, though, will be coupled with a charging base to allow for wireless charging. In a particular quoted scenario, the player can place the adapter-snapped DualShock controller on the charging base and keep playing. Else, when off the charging base, the adapter itself will supply additional power through the controller’s original battery.

The charging base has a flat mat-like surface on which the adapter is positioned to charge the battery. If desired, the adapter can be electrically engaged with the electrical component in the controller housing through at least one electrical wire engaged with an input/output port such as a universal serial bus (USB) port or extension port on the game controller.

Furthermore, the charging base can be configured to hold (and charge) multiple DualShock controllers at once. In addition, the adapter keys can be mapped as desired by the player for a full functional controller.

Last month, Sony was granted a patent that suggests DualShock 5 will be able to take voice commands through a built-in microphone. The showcased method can be taken as a way to access features on both DualShock 5 and PlayStation 5 by feeding voice commands into the microphone of the controller. The published claims also pointed out that haptic feedback will indicate the processing status of all voice-related input.

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