Playstation 5 Rumors: Two Different Consoles, Basic And Premium

Even though Sony hasn't even unveiled it yet, Playstation 5 rumors are starting to circle about the price and storage capabilities of the console.

New Playstation 5 rumors are already starting to circle and Playstation hasn’t even actually revealed what the console will look like yet. The most recent rumors to come about include one that seems to think Sony will be offering two different consoles of differing power and price for those interested.

The two rumored packs include a Basic and Premium model of Playstation 5. The basic model will cost $540 and 825 gigabyte ultra-fast Solid State Drive, while the Premium model will have a 1.6 terabyte drive and cost $650. Of course, there’s no word on if this is true or not.

Either way, if it were true, it would likely come down to whether or not a Playstation fan would have enough games to be able to fill a drive that’s over one and a half terabytes. That’s not even getting into the price point either, making this even more implausible.

While right now the consoles may be expensive because they’re just coming out, a price tag that’s $650 is outright implausible. Even the Xbox One, when it first released, wasn’t that expensive, though its price tag was still a very high $500.

If the Playstation 5 rumors are true, and all that buying the “Premium” model will get you is twice as much storage space, that’s also likely not going to be enough to draw in people, especially if the Xbox Series X is cheaper in addition to being more powerful.

Various analysts have already guessed at what the prices for the two consoles will be, with the most recent speculation being the two swapping prices for this generation, the Playstation 5 being $500 while the Xbox Series X is $400.

None of this is confirmed of course, and the Playstation 5 rumors right now are just that, rumors. It’s up to Sony to price the Playstation 5, and if they want it to succeed, offering two different models that don’t have any difference other than storage space isn’t the way to go about it.

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