How To Get Winter Clothes In Sons Of The Forest

You need to find Winter Clothes such as the Winter Jacket and Leather Jacket to survive the harsh winters in Sons of the Forest.

From finding food and water to fending off the mutants and cannibals that attack you, the Sons of the Forest world keeps you on your feet in your quest for survival. Among the challenges to overcome the adversaries of the cold harsh weather are often overlooked by players.

The addition of a 16-day seasons mechanic means that after a 10-day cycle, players will have to survive the frosty winter for 6 days. Surviving the winter can prove especially challenging due to various cold debuffs received coupled with a lack of food caused by the hibernation of animals.

Getting too cold can prove taxing on your stamina as even simple actions will require more stamina to complete causing you to become Fatigued. If the cold debuffs stack up too much, your stamina will deplete completely, and you will die.

To avoid such a scenario and survive the harsh winter, proper protection from the cold is required. Luckily enough, there are several Sons of the Forest winter clothes you can find that provide you protection from the cold and improve your chances of survival.    

Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket location

Among the three winter clothing items mentioned in this guide, the one that offers the most protection from the cold is the Winter Jacket. The Winter Jacket is a padded and insulated outwear piece that offers you protection from both windy and freezing environments.

Additionally, its weatherproof capabilities can also provide protection from rain and snow, allowing you to focus on your survival.

You can use your GPS to open a minimap of the surrounding area. We have identified the location of the Winter Jacket on the map below. Traveling toward the marked area will lead you to the campsite where the Winter Jacket can be obtained.

As you make your way toward the marked area you will eventually find yourself at a campsite. You can identify the area by a lake in the midst of a mountainous area as well as a waterfall on the opposite end.

The campsite consists of two tents that you can scavenge for supplies and resources, one of which has the Winter Jacket alongside a corpse.

Sons of the Forest Blazer location

A Blazer can also provide you with a little protection from the cold. Though it doesn’t have much weatherproof capability, meaning it wouldn’t provide much protection from rain and snow.

To obtain the Blazer in Sons of The Forest you must travel toward the point marked on the map below. Head in the northwestern direction to reach a makeshift burial area.

Upon reaching the marked point, you will see a pit with multiple storage crates inside. Upon closer inspection, you will find each crate housing a decaying corpse. Search the central crate to find the Blazer inside.

Press the E key to grab the Blazer and add it to your inventory.

Sons of the Forest Leather Jacket location

The Leather Jacket is the third winter clothing item that you can acquire in the sons of the forest. It offers decent protection from the cold and breezes; however, it is significantly less than what the Winter Jacket provides.

Obtaining the leather jacket can be a little challenging as getting to the area where it is located will require fighting through several cannibals and mutants.

Start off by heading to the marked area on the map above, you will need to travel to the shoreline of the northern region of the map. Once there you must look for a rocky structure with a cave opening sealed with a few wooden boards.

Break through the blockade but be wary because there are a few mutants inside the cave. You should be able to make quick work of them before continuing along.

Take your first right to take a higher path, where you will face a wave of mutants. Once you defeat them you can begin searching the area for items. The leather jacket can be found placed on the ceiling so look and press E to grab it.

You will also find the Stun Gun next to it so be sure to grab it as well. It is also worth noting that you can also grab the Rebreather inside the same cave. Simply return to the fork where you turned right, and this time head left to grab it.

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