How To Make A Suspension Bridge In Sons Of The Forest

The Suspension Bridge or Rope Bridge is used to connect your bases or provide a platform to stay safe from cannibals in Sons of the Forest.

Building a Suspension Bridge, also known as a Rope Bridge, is one of many ways to protect yourself from cannibals and other enemies in Sons of the Forest.

Building your first tent in the game is only the first step. You will soon need to build better structures with more defenses such as a gate to keep enemies out.

Once you have a proper base, a Suspension Bridge can be used to either connect different bases or act as an overhead walking platform to stay safe from the cannibals on the ground.

Although this is one of the starter, basic structures, figuring out how to build a Sons of the Forest Suspension Bridge is quite a challenge for a lot of players

How to build a Suspension Bridge

If you cannot manage to keep Cannibals away from your base, you can avoid them by taking advantage of the high ground. This is where the Suspension Bridge comes in, as it not only allows you to connect bases – or parts of bases – but also provides a safe walking platform from the cannibals below.

To build a basic Suspension Bridge, you will require two only two materials but in varying amounts: Logs and Ropes. You can collect logs from chopping down trees with your Axe.

The logs that you can acquire may vary in size, but you will require the same length for all of the logs for the Suspension Bridge. If you have a large log, you can chop the top part off of it to make it equal to the other ones.

The other material you require for this structure is the Rope. You can get Rope from several different locations across the island, like caves, campsites, or loot crates.

To make the basic framework of the Sons of the Forest Suspension Bridge, you will require three logs. To start off, place one on the ground in a vertical fashion. Then, place another log at the top of it, parallel to the direction you want the bridge in.

One end of the log will fall down, but you can plant another vertical log underneath it to build the basic framework of the bridge.

Another way of doing the same job is to leave the space for a single log between two vertical logs. You just have to place a log on top of them to connect the two vertical logs. That will automatically complete the structure.

You can make a stairwell to the top to make it accessible with two more logs and seven half-logs. First, place two logs parallel to the ends of each vertical log. Placing the logs here will cause one end of it to fall down. You can then place half-logs in between them to make a staircase leading to the top.

Next, you need to equip two stacks of Rope and walk up the stairs, facing the side you want to extend the bridge to. Look down on the log until a white arrow appears indicating the direction of the Rope. Make sure it is perpendicular to the log that you placed.

You can left-click after seeing this arrow to attach one end of the Rope here. You need to attach the other end either to another part of your base, or another basic bridge foundation on the other side, which you can build in the same manner.

You have a lot of freedom with this step. You can extend the Rope a considerable distance, allowing you to build a fairly long bridge with a single Rope stack.

Moreover, you can even swim with the Rope equipped in your hand. This will allow you to extend the bridge over water, which helps a lot if you’re planning to build it over a river or a lake.

You need to do this with a Rope on each end. After that, you will be able to place half logs, or planks, in between the Ropes, allowing you to walk across. The final step is to get your hands on a whole bunch of half logs to make the steps.

You can get Kelvin to get a bunch of logs while you use your Axe to chop them in half. The number of half logs you require will depend on the length of the bridge you intend to build.

Place half logs all the way across the lengths of the Rope, and you will complete the basic Sons of the Forest Suspension Bridge.

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