How To Build A Gate In Sons Of The Forest

Having a Gate or Doorway is important to keep out intruders and wild life from your Shelter in Sons of the Forest.

Whether you are building a wholesome Cabin or are just stacking logs to create a Shelter in Sons of the Forest, you are going to build a Gate or Door to keep out enemies and animals.

The only problem is that the Sons of the Forest Gate building technique is a bit different from the other buildings. This is not your traditional door since you are obviously on a lost island.

What you are going to build is a doorway that has just enough space to let you enter while keeping everyone else out.

How to build a Gate or Doorway

The first step you need to make a secure base is a secure location. Once you find a small flat space, preferably next to a water source, you can start building your base.

To make the door for your base, you will require a couple of logs. First, you need to get your hands on seven logs and stack them horizontally one over the other, making a short wall.

Next, you need to equip your axe and stand next to the logs where you want to build your gate. When you’re near enough, you should see a red dotted line, indicating how much of the log you will cut off.

Strike the log with your axe to cut a small portion off of it. This will be just enough to let you through.

Chop off the first six logs, leaving the top one to support the gate. The space that you now have will be around your height and width – which is just about perfect for a doorway. And while you’re chopping down these logs, why not instruct Kelvin to go and chop down some logs to save time?

Now that you have a doorway, you need to place a door/gate in it. For that, you will need two more logs, making it a total of nine logs. Now, equip the logs in your hand and stand next to the doorway.

You will be prompted to cut the log in half by left-clicking. This will cover half of the doorway. Simply do this again with the other full log, and you have a perfect door for yourself.

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