Sons Of The Forest Storage Guide

The only way to increase your storage capacity is to build storage buildings for certain resources in Sons of the Forest.

There are several types of resources that you need to collect to survive in Sons of the Forest. Whether you want to build a Shelter or any other building, do some cooking, craft weapons, or such, having the right crafting component in storage instead of having to search the island is going to save you a lot of time.

The Sons of the Forest storage mechanics are a bit limiting though. While you can build storage buildings to store resources, you can only do it for certain resources in the game. You cannot have a storage for every resource out there.

The good thing is that your Sons of the Forest storage buildings are mostly for the very basic resources such as Sticks, Rocks, Bones, and such, which are used in almost every crafting recipe.

How to store items in Sons of the Forest

There are eight types of storage blueprints that you can find inside your Guide Book. The resources you need to build Sons of the Forest storages are pretty low, so you can build them early on in the game.

Storage TypeTo StoreResources Required
Stick StorageSticks6x Stick
Rock StorageRocks7x Stick
Log StorageLogs8x Stick
Bone StorageBones7x Stick
Drying RackFish13x Stick
MannequinArmor20x Stick and 5x Duct Tape
ShelfAssorted items2x Log
Wall ShelfAssorted items2x Stick and 1x Wood

How to increase storage capacity in Sons of the Forest

The first thing you should do is build storages near every base or shelter in the game. The second thing to do is command Kelvin to keep finding and filling these storages with their respective resources or items.

This way you can turn to your other tasks such as exploring and looting caves while Kelvin will make sure that your storages are always full.


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