How To Get Rope In Sons Of The Forest

Rope is one of the most important resources that you are going to need for several of your crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest.

Rope is one of the most important resources that you are going to need for several of your crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest.

You are going to need a whole lot of Rope to build Shelters to rest, Towers to survey your surroundings, Traps to catch animals and more. You are also going to need Rope to craft various tools and weapons such as Bows and Arrows.

Do note that Rope is different from Zipline Rope. The latter is used to create ziplines for either traveling or reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

You can different between the two by their appearances. The standard Sons of the Forest Rope is going to be bundled in a coil. The Zipline Rope will be bundled in a figure-eight shape.

Sons of the Forest Rope locations

Since Rope is not a naturally occurring resource in the game, you are only going to find it in specific locations, particularly in areas that show signs of civilization or traces of human existence.

The first location you can scavenge Ropes from is the airplane crash site. On and around the site you will not only find Rope but other valuable items from different containers that will help you to survive.

You can also find Rope in caves spread throughout the island. You can see the locations of different caves around the island with your GPS. Simply pick the one nearest to you and explore the cave to find some Rope. They will typically be next to skeletal remains.

Other places that show signs of civilizations and can potentially hold Rope are the abandoned campsites. You will find many of these littered throughout the island. Along with Rope, you can also find various other medical supplies at these sites.

Lastly, you can also find Ropes scattered around the edge of cliffs or on the ends of beaches. Looking for them on beaches is the more viable option of the two though because you can become dehydrated and exhausted hiking the cliff.

How to craft Rope

If you aren’t in the mood for a lot of exploring in order to find Rope, you can just craft it. For that, you will require another item – Cloth.

Finding Cloth in Sons of the Forest requires searching of its own but is comparatively easier to find than Rope. You can find Cloth mainly in different cannibal camps and inside the airplane crash site suitcases.

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