How To Get The Compound Bow In Sons Of The Forest

The Compound Bow is a powerful and silent weapon with high damage and accuracy in Sons of the Forest. It cannot be crafted, only looted.

The Compound Bow is a powerful and silent weapon with high damage and accuracy in Sons of the Forest. You can use it to hunt animals for food as well as fend off enemies.

You cannot craft the Compound Bow like the standard Bow in Sons of the Forest. You need to go out of the way to find an underground bunker location that contains the Compound Bow.

What items do you need to get the Compound Bow?

Unlike many of the high-tier weapons in Sons of the Forest, you only need one item to get to the Compound Bow location. That is the Shovel which can be found in a cave west of the snowy mountains.

You should get the Shovel as soon as possible because you are going to need to dig a lot of important spots to uncover items or bunker entrances.

Where to find the Sons of the Forest Compound Bow?

Once you have a Shovel in your inventory, you need to make your way all the way to the southwestern corner of the island. Do note that while you will not find any enemies where the Compound Bow is located, you can encounter enemies while traveling to that point.

Find the Hatch

The Compound Bow can be found inside an underground bunker. This is why you need a Shovel because you will have to dig to get to its entrance.

Travel to the location marked on the map below and find the entrance hatch in Maintenance Area B.

When you have reached this location, you will find some wooden boxes and a golf cart surrounding a clearing. Around this area, there will be a dense forest with enemies who will run toward you.

In the clearing, take out your Shovel and look down in front of the cart on the ground, you can see a white shovel mark. This mark is a little difficult to find especially when there is snow everywhere.

Dig around the marked area and you will find a metallic door that, when cleaned, has Maintenance B. written on it. When you open the hatch you will find a ladder going down.

Head to the Living Quarters

When you interact with it, a cutscene will play and you will move into the bunker. In the bunker, you will need to go in the hallway. In the hallway take the first right and you will reach a partially drowned sitting lounge. Here you can find the 3D Printer and the Silencer.

In this sitting lounge, there will be an archway leading to a bedroom. This arch is to the right end of the lounge. You can use the bed to save and take rest but to the left of the bed, you will find the bathroom. In the bathroom, you can find the crossbow next to a dead man near the tub.


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