How To Make A Bed In Sons of the Forest

Sleep is one of the most important things for your survival in the Sons of the Forest. If you do not sleep well, your survival gets really hard. You can sleep in a tent, but if you have a Sons of the Forest bed, things can get much easier.

You have to sleep in the game to refill your stamina and continue your survival. But in Sons of the Forest, you are always endangered of being attacked by a mutant. You can’t just sleep anywhere on the ground. You have to make a convenience for your sleep. Why not make a bed in Sons of the Forest and make it feel like you sleeping at your home?

How to build a bed in Sons of the Forest

Fortunately, Sons of the Forest does allow you to make a bed at your base camp for a sound sleep. The process of bed building is not that hard, and you will just need to gather some resources before you can sleep on a bed.

Required items: Duck Tape and x16 Sticks

First, start with gathering the required resources to make a bed in Sons of the Forest. You can quickly get x16 sticks by cutting logs or grabbing from the ground, but you must struggle to find Duck tape. You can get duck tape from supply bags.

Once you have them, go to the place where you want to build a bed, which will be in your base camp. After getting to the place, you must hit the “B” button to open the survival guidebook. Head to the furniture tab and press “N” to cycle through different structures.

Bed outline in Sons of the Forest

Now find the bed structure in the guidebook. Once you see it and have all the resources Right-click to outline the structure of the bed at the place you want to build it.

Once you place the outline of the structure, left-click on it to build the structure with the available resources. Your bed will be ready; you can sleep on it and save the game progress.

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