Sons Of The Forest Save File Location: How To Transfer Multiplayer Save

Until dedicated servers are in place, you can transfer multiplayer save files in Sons of the Forest so more than one person can host a server.

Sons of the Forest is an amazing first-person survival thriller game. This game is available on Steam and can only be played on PC for the time being. There are rumors of its future release on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but there is no confirmation yet. What’s good about this game is that you can play all by yourself (single-player), or you can make a lobby of up to 4 players and dive into the game with your friends. This short guide will tell you about the save file location for Sons of the Forest and how you can transfer save files.

Where is the Save File Location for Sons of the Forest?

First, go to the Sons of the Forest save folder on your PC and select the Saves folder. If you don’t know where the Sons of the Forest folder is, then just follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows+R
  2. Ppen appdata from the command prompt.
  3. Select the folder LocalLow
  4. Open EndNight folder
  5. Open the Sons of the Night folder
  6. Open the Saves folder
  7. Open the folder that pops up (random numbers as the name)
  8. Select the folder you wish to send to your friend (names of the folders will be random numbers so it is better to know the date of the saved game and find the folder accordingly)
  9. Compress and copy the folder and send it to the PC you wish to use it from via email or any other source.

Where is the Multiplayer Save File for Sons of Forest? How to Transfer?

Once you make it to the Saves folder, if you have played with other friends, then there will be separate folders inside the ‘Saves’ folder for single and multiplayer. One of the friends has to host the game and the others join that server. And consequently, only the host has the game saved on his PC. The others can not access the saved files until they receive them from the host. And here is the solution to that problem as well:

For the host PC, follow the same process as mentioned above and get to the Saves folder. Inside the folder, select the Multiplayer folder and open it. You will find a folder with a random number for its name. That is the folder that you must compress and send over to the other PC you wish to use as a host. Send to the other PC via email or Discord, it doesn’t matter.

Once your friend receives these files, start the game on his PC, save the current progress on his PC, and exit the game. It will save the current progress in the multiplayer folder. Then go to the Sons of the Forest folder in your friend’s PC (location is listed above), then go to the multiplayer folder. As you are there, delete the latest progress folder and replace it with the files you sent.

Once they have been replaced, close the folder and restart the game on your friend’s PC. As you start the game, your friend’s progress will become the same as yours.

This process helps in continuing the game from the last progression from another PC instead of going through the hassle of the game all over again. It is effective and does not break the game or your saved data in any way.

If you do face an issue where your saved game from another PC is not working, it is because you did not allow the game to run as administrator or a file from within the received folder is missing. Just ask for another compressed folder and be sure to allow the game to run as administrator and you should be good to go.

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