Sons Of The Forest Save File Location: How To Transfer Multiplayer Save

While Sons of the Forest allows you to host a co-op session with your friends, the progress is only saved for the host. So until the game gets dedicated servers, the host has always be present and hosting the session if their friends want to play. Thankfully, if you know the Sons of the Forest save life location, you can transfer the multiplayer save data to a friend and they can host the server in your place.

How to transfer save data in Sons of the Forest

It is kind of upsetting when you are playing a game, especially a challenging game like Sons of the forest, and suddenly your or your friend losses its game’s progress. It can happen due to multiple reasons, like a PC reset. This is also a good way to back up progress in case one of you gets hit with the progress bug.

Don’t worry if your game’s progress is the same as unlocked items and upgrades are the same, then you will be able to duplicate your progress to your friend or vice versa.

First, go to the Sons of the Forest save folder on your PC and select the multiplayer folder. If you don’t know where the Sons of the Forest folder is, then follow the location below:


Then only select the multiplayer files you want to transfer to your friend. Copy the multiplayer save data (just take the entire Saves folder) and send them to your friend. Once your friend receives these files, start the game on his PC and save the current progress on his PC and exit the game.

It will save the current progress in the multiplayer folder. Then go to the Sons of the Forest folder in your friend’s PC (location is listed above), then go to the multiplayer folder. As you are there, delete the current progress and replace them with the files you sent.

Once they have been replaced, close the folder, and restart the game on your friend’s PC. As you start the game, your friend’s progress will become the same as yours.

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