4 Best Sons Of The Forest Base Locations

There are several factors to consider when deciding a good base location in Sons of the Forest. Being close to rivers, for example, is good.

Setting up a base that acts as a haven will be crucial to your survival on the vicious island of Sons of the Forest. Although you can build a shelter early on in the game to act as your starter base, you will need a bigger and better one later. That is because you eventually want to move further into the island where you’ll encounter more dangerous cannibals and mutants.

Not every place, however, will be a good base location. There are many factors to consider when planning to build your base. That said, finding the best locations for a base in Sons of the Forest is crucial. In this guide, we’ll review the four best places to build your base in Sons of the Forest.

Base location 1 – Water Base

Water is the essential resource for survival in Sons of the Forest. Hence, the best location to build your base would be next to a Water source. This place is located a bit northwest of the central snow biome. At this location is a waterfall that gives rise to a river stretching to the northern edge of the map into the sea.

Not only does the waterfall – and the snowy peaks behind it – give a stunning view, but it also offers many benefits besides access to water. The water isn’t that deep, so you won’t have to worry about swimming across – you can just walk to the other end.

The water also helps keep cannibals away since they are afraid of it. This means that your base will not be vulnerable to the side facing the water, and you will only need to seal off the other side of the base.

You can even catch fish in the river to get a sufficient food supply. Moreover, the waterfall produces a current that can easily transport your resources. You could chop off the trees behind the waterfall and let the river current carry the logs to your base.

Base location 2 – Forest Base

Sons of the Forest Base Locations

The second place you can build your base is in the northwestern region of the island, in the forest biome. Here, you can find a central plain patch surrounded by trees.

You can build your base in this free locations in Sons of the Forest. It’s vast, so you won’t need to worry about space when expanding your base. Moreover, this area is inclined, giving you the height advantage if you build your base at the highest point.

Although you don’t have any direct water source near this area, you have a large lake nearby, next to a point of interest. The point of interest is a bunker that holds many food items and medical supplies. If you ever run out of these items, you can walk to this bunker and grab whatever you need. You can even use the duplicate items glitch here to get more of these items in a single run.

You still have a lot of other resources close to this location though. Since this location is in the forest, you will find trees all around you and have an endless supply of wood, i.e. logs.

Base location 3 – Mainland Base

This one of the base locations is pretty much like the previous one and is a bit south of it, west of the central snow biome in Sons of the Forest. Like the previous location, it is situated in the center of the forest, surrounded by trees, with a nice flat and vast area to build your base in.

Unlike the previous location, this one has a water source nearby. Two different rivers, to the west and the east, are visible, and trails lead directly to them.

Moreover, there are also caves nearby, which you can explore to find various useful resources. The only problem here is that this area isn’t on a slope, which means that you don’t have the height advantage to defend your base.

Base location 4 – Cave Base

Sons of the Forest Base Locations

Finding this location is easy since it is denoted on your map with a point of interest, which shows as a green pulsating icon on your map. This location is a cave that holds a bunker within.

Moreover, this cave also holds a 3D printer, which you can use to craft many important items. It’s even near a few rivers, providing a sustainable water supply.

This base is also pretty safe since Cannibals cannot enter any caves, and there aren’t any within it either. As for the items in this cave, you have an unlimited supply of them because you can always exploit the duplicating items glitch. There’s a bed in this bunker where you can save your game for that.

The only problem with this base is that you cannot build it. You can only bring items that fit into your inventory to this cave, which means you cannot bring in logs. You can, however, bring in sticks to make chairs or torches to illuminate the area.

I didn’t add any Treehouse locations or locations in the snow biome because they aren’t as effective for survival. Cannibals in Sons of the Forest can climb up trees, meaning your base isn’t as protected from them as expected.

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