How To Duplicate Items In Sons Of The Forest

There is a glitch that allows you to duplicate items in Sons of the Forest – and you can start using it from the start of the game.

In survival games like Sons of the Forest, players have to always stay on the hunt for supplies and resources. Sometimes, exploring or searching for items becomes quite exhausting and feels like a waste of time.

Most often we cannot even find stuff that’s difficult to get. You can get logs and leaves easily since they’re all around you, but getting items like Rope, Tarps, Flares, etc. isn’t easy since they aren’t that abundant on the island.

That said, it wouldn’t hurt to exploit a glitch sometimes to collect and hoard items that you don’t plan on exploring the island for. There is a glitch that allows you to get multiple copies in Sons of the Forest – and you can start using it from the start of the game.

Although this glitch may be helpful to clone items, it has its drawbacks. If you’re still interested, read on to learn more about how the Sons of the Forest duplicate items glitch works.

How to duplicate items

In Sons of the Forest, there is a glitch you can exploit to duplicate items in loot crates/suitcases as much as you want. Note that this glitch only works on said items, not items that can occur naturally or the ones that you have in store. This means that you cannot duplicate sticks or guns using this glitch.

There is a prerequisite to using this glitch though – you have to build a shelter first. A basic tent made of a tarp would suffice for this because all you want to do is save the game since there isn’t any autosave in Sons of the Forest.

To build a basic shelter, collect a Tarp from one of the cases on the beach next to the crash site, then collect some sticks. Place the Tarp and the ground and then place a stick underneath one of its corners.

This will complete the basic shelter, and you will be allowed to save the game here. To start off with the glitch, loot all of the suitcases you can find around the crash site.

Next, head over to your shelter and save the game, then pause and quit to the main menu.

After that, when you pop up back into the game, all of the suitcases on the beach will be reset, allowing you to loot them again for another copy of all of the items it had in store before.

You can also use this Sons of the Forest duplicate items glitch for items that you can find in bunkers located in several caves on the island – items like arrows, for example. All you have to do is collect the items, then save the game either in your shelter nearby or using the bed in the bunker, then save the game and quit to the main menu.

When you hop back into the game, you will spawn next to the bed or the shelters and all of the arrows will reappear.

Note that you can use the duplicating glitch regardless of whether you are playing on pc or ps4.

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