How To Kill Steffen Beckendorf In Sniper Elite 5

Steffen Beckendorf opposes a local resistance movement in the town of Colline Sur Mer. Killing him is an optional objective,...

Steffen Beckendorf opposes a local resistance movement in the town of Colline Sur Mer. Killing him is an optional objective, part of the mission 1 kill challenge and this guide tells you why you should be doing just that in Sniper Elite 5. Other missions in Sniper Elite 5 have Kill Challenges as well so you can check them out too.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Kill Challenge: Steffen Beckendorf Location

Tracing Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 is a tricky task as he won’t stay at a specific place. His name will be added to your Kill List during the Atlantic Wall mission. You’ll then be able to see a marker that leads to¬†Steffen Beckendorf.

Steffen Beckendorf travels on the southwest region of the map and has a specific route. He occasionally stops on the route and you need to see and analyze his points of rest. To do so, scout his route of travel and find out the spot where you can blow him up at your ease.

How To Kill Steffen Beckendorf

Although killing Steffen is an optional task in Sniper Elite 5, doing so will grant you an amazing weapon. To claim the reward, you need to kill Steffen with an explosion that can prove to be a tricky thing to do.

Steffen Beckendorf can be killed in several ways. Once you know the route of his travel, you can use the Teller Mines around the path and wait for him to pass over and get blasted. This way you would also be able to claim the reward for his assassination.

The second method by which you can claim your reward is to first get some Panzerfausts from the pier at the southwesternmost part of the map and wait near a point where his car stops. Take the shot when you see that you can hit Steffen with a rocket.

Steffen Beckendorf Missing

There is a known bug that can cause Steffen Beckendorf to go missing. You won’t be able to find him because he doesn’t spawn during the mission. Steffen is not alone though. The same bug also causes some other important assassination targets to go missing as well.

The only known fix at the time of writing is to restart your game. Steffen is still missing, restart your game again, and again until he finally spawns.

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