Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence Kill Challenge (Friedrich Kummler) Guide

Occupied Residence, mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5, will give you an option to eliminate an important Nazi target to...

Occupied Residence, mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5, will give you an option to eliminate an important Nazi target to not only stop Operation Kraken but also for a new weapon.

The following guide will help you infiltrate the chateau of Abelard Moller during the mission to kill Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5.

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Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence Mission 2 Kill Challenge

Friedrich Kummler is believed to be the mastermind of Operation Kraken. His assassination is hence a must to stop the gears of war from rolling for the Nazi army.

Friedrich will be inside the chateau but you don’t have to just rush in for him alone. Use the opportunity to explore the cellar first for a workbench. You can enter the cellar through the moat. Incidentally, the chateau has several entry points, but the cellar is probably the easiest. It will be practically unguarded.

Once you have cleared the cellar, head to the ballroom above to find Friedrich Kummler.

How To Kill Friedrich Kummler

There are several ways through which you can take out Friedrich Kummler during the Occupied Residence mission 2.

For the safest method, make your way to the second floor while Friedrich is busy talking with a soldier at the center of the ballroom. There will be a switch on the second floor that you can activate to drop the chandelier right on top of Friedrich to eliminate him.

The other methods to take out Friedrich Kummler involve causing a distraction and that means getting everyone riled up. For example, if you can’t wait for Friedrich to walk to the center of the ballroom, throw a bottle over there to get Friedrich’s attention. Then just shoot the chandelier’s winch when Friedrich comes beneath.

Similarly, you can knock him out using C but that will have you get close to him. Carry his unconscious body to the center of the ballroom and then shoot the chandelier’s winch.

If you followed the given directions to kill Friedrich Kummler, you’ll have successfully completed the Kill Challenge for Occupied Residence. You’ll receive a Karabiner 98 as a reward.

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