Sniper Elite 5 Sabotage The Kraken Fuel System Guide

You must "Sabotage the Kraken Fuel System" in the eighth mission to put another dent into Operation Kraken in Sniper...

You must “Sabotage the Kraken Fuel System” in the eighth mission to put another dent into Operation Kraken in Sniper Elite 5.

Success here will mean that you have disabled the German Kraken fleet by dismantling their fuel system, which also includes blowing up the docks.

Some of the other (optional) objectives in the questline will task you to add Shinji Yoshika to your Kill List and “Neutralize the Radio Communications” of the Germans.

The following guide will walk you through the Sabotage the Kraken Fuel System questline in Sniper Elite 5.

While you are completing Mission 8 in Sniper Elite 5, you can also check out its Kill Challenge.

Sabotage The Kraken Fuel System In Sniper Elite 5

This objective is a simple and straightforward one. You start off with this objective at the submarine/U-Boat dock area. This area is located at the north-most part of the map in Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin.

Sabotage The Kraken Fuel System

The first part of this objective takes place at the center of the docks. Here you will find two U-Boats/Submarines docked parallel to each other and connected by a central bridge.

Head over to the back end of each U-Boat to find their pressure valves. If you approach from the western side of the docks, you’ll find these valves on the left side of the U-Boats’ control rooms.

You have to interact with these valves which will result in your character turning them. Once you have turned off both the U-Boats’ pressure valves, it’s time to move over to the next step.

The next step of this objective is to cut off the main fuel storage from the fuel lines. Head over to the north-western part of the docks and you’ll see a door leading to the fueling depot room.

In this room, you’ll be able to find two Pumps and a Lever connected to 3 fuel tanks.

You first have to interact with the two pumps. If you’re close enough to the pumps, the game would give you an option to Interact with the pumps and activate them. Interacting will result in your character turning the levers.

Once you have activated the two pumps, the next step is to interact with the Lever that’s located just behind them. This Lever is supposed to Overload the System and blows the U-Boats to pieces.

Get Clear Of The U-Boat Pen

If you have completed the first two parts, then congratulations, you have successfully sabotaged the Kraken Fuel System, but that’s still not the end of this objective.

Next up, you have to leave the U-Boat Pen since it’s set to blow up soon. The exit is located way back at the North-Eastern of the docks. The game will guide you to the exit using an icon.

Caution is advised in this part of the objective. Since the docks are on fire, everyone in the whole vicinity knows that something’s wrong, and they’ll be looking for you.

You’ll find around 3 to 4 enemies blocking the exit and you have no other choice but to eliminate them. Just after the exit is a bridge that you have to cross, leading to a building at the end.

Climb up onto that building using the ladder provided and wait by the window, which will serve as a vantage point.

Look over through the window and you’ll see the shutter to the docks open. The enemies would have disconnected the fuel line by now, which leaves you with only one option – shooting the fuel system.

You’ll see the three fuel storage tanks as the shutter opens, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the central pump to blow up the docks. The game will guide you where to shoot using an icon, but you can also refer to the image provided below.

Once you shoot the fuel storage tank, your objective would be complete and would leave you with a display of fireworks to enjoy.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Achievement

You also have the opportunity to unlock the Don’t Hold Your Breath achievement if you approach the objective a certain way.

To achieve this trophy, you have to take the shot in the last step of the objective – Sabotage the Kraken Fuel System — without using the empty lung ability. Basically, you have to shoot the fuel storage tank at the end without holding your breath.

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