Sniper Elite 5 Mission 8 Kill Challenge (Yoshikawa) Guide

Mission #8 in Sniper Elite 5 is called ‘Rubble and Ruin.’ In this mission, your Kill Challenge will be to take down Shinji Yoshikawa. This guide will help you complete the Yoshikawa Kill challenge in Mission 8 of Sniper Elite 5 as swiftly as possible.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 8 Kill Challenge (Yoshikawa) Walkthrough

Shinji Yoshikawa is located in the western part of the map and will be present in a manor at the location marked in the screenshot below. This Kill List challenge will only be completed if you kill Shinji using Type 100 SMG or Type 14 Nambu.

The Type 100 SMG is received as a reward for completing Mission 5 Kill Challenge. Whereas the Type 14 Nambu is a reward for completing this current Kill challenge.

Head to the orange location as shown in the image to reach the mansion where Shinji Yoshikawa is located. Use the crated to enter the house and then jump to climb the Attic. Use your binoculars to spot Shinji, who will be by a window.

You can approach the assassination of Shinji Yoshikawa using two ways, either by storming the building where Shinji is and killing him and many others inside, or by taking a shot at Shinji from the Attic. The choice is yours.

The easier but more risky option is to shoot him from the Attic, as you won’t have to deal with other enemies from there. However, as Type 100 is an SMG and does not have any scope, it will be hard to easily hit a shot from a long distance. You can use X-Ray Kill Shot to help with the shot.


Once you kill Shinji Yoshikawa with Type 100 SMG, your Kill List mission will complete, and you will receive ‘Type 14 Nambu’ as a reward.

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