Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill Challenge (Matthaus Ehrlich) Guide

In Sniper Elite 5, during the War Factory mission, you must assassinate Matthaus Ehlrich as part of a kill challenge. Here's how to do it.

In Sniper Elite 5, you must assassinate Matthaus Ehrlich during Mission 4, War Factory as part of a kill challenge. To do so, you must acquire a rat bomb and place it near him so that it explodes when he comes into contact with it.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to kill Matthaus Ehrlich in Sniper Elite 5, including his location and the best strategy. After completing the Mission 4 Kill Challenge, you can then move on to the Mission 5 Kill Challenge.

Matthaus Ehrlich Location Sniper Elite 5

To find Matthaus Ehrlich, move towards the small building at the southwest corner of the map. Here is the exact location.

How to Kill Matthaus Ehrlich in Sniper Elite 5

You need to kill Matthaus Ehrlich using a Rat Bomb. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the mission 4 kill challenge. The Rat Bomb is located on the dresser near the exit of Resistance HQ. Right at the start of the mission, Marie will also remind you so you don’t have to fear missing the item on your way to the kill site.

Next, you will find Matthaus once you reach the southeastern section of the building. He will be in the main room just before the smaller room. Wait for him to leave the room and then place the Rat Bomb on any of the dead rats scattered around the floor of this room.

At this point, Ehrlich will be having a conversation with a soldier. Once the conversation finishes, he will return to the room and trip the Rat Bomb for a massive explosion. Alternatively, you can shoot the bomb when he’s standing near it. That explosion will mark the completion of the War Factory Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5, after which you’ll be rewarded with a Machine Pistol 44.

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