Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Kill Challenge (Lanzo Baumann)

Lanzo Baumann is the next target on your Kill List in Sniper Elite 5. You will be tasked to take...

Lanzo Baumann is the next target on your Kill List in Sniper Elite 5. You will be tasked to take him out during Mission 5: Festung Guernsey by burying him in concrete.

If you manage to complete this Kill Challenge, you will unlock the Type 100 SMG in the game. This weapon has a high recoil but once you realize how to use it in short bursts, it is probably one of the more useful SMGs to have in your loadout.

The following guide will explain how to kill Lanzo Baumann and complete the Mission 5 Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5. And if you are looking find collectibles in Mission 5 (Festung Guernsey), we have a guide for that as well.

Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey Kill Challenge

Your target for the mission 5 kill challenge is a man named Lanzo Baumann. He will be found on the northern side of the map near the construction site. Your mission will be to bury him in cement so as not to raise any alarms.

You can simply travel from the southern side of the map into the open fields but if you want a workbench location, then you have one inside a house near the construction site. Just move near the construction site so you can spot Lanzo Baumann around the cement mixer controls.

How To Bury Lanzo Baumann In Concrete

The mission is designed to give you two ways to dispatch your target.

For the first way, you must be in stealth mode where you must dismantle the wooden railing nearby. After this, sabotage the cement mixer so Lanzo will be suspicious. He will approach the area to investigate and will lean over the railing. Since you already loosened the railings, he will fall over to his death.

The other way is to get personal. Get close to him and press C to knock him unconscious. Now carry him using C again and take his unconscious body near the wooden railing. Simply press F to throw him over into the cement mixer.

After doing the above-mentioned task, your mission will be complete and you will receive a Type 100 as a reward.

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