Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Kill Challenge (Fabian Richter) Guide

This guide will explain how to complete the Fabian Richter Spy Academy Kill List Challenge in Sniper Elite 5.

This guide will explain everything about how to complete the Fabian Richter Spy Academy Kill List Challenge, and along with that, we shall discuss how to take down Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5. We have guides on completing other Kill Challenges as well in Sniper Elite 5 so check them out as well.

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Kill Challenge: Fabian Richter

If you enjoy Sniper Elite 5’s campaign, you will come across the Spy Academy mission as your 3rd. During the mission, for some extra rewards, you can take down Fabian Richter silently and complete the Academy Kill Challenge to get your hands on a P08.

Fabian will be attending a meeting on the top floor of the main tower inside a locked room.

You will start on the coast of the island, where you will have to take the road, and then at the intersection, take a left and then again stay on the road until you reach the main building gate.

From the entrance, keep going straight up the stairs until you reach a courtyard with a statue in the middle, and on the left side of the statue, you will see an open door.

Go inside, take a left, keep going straight until you reach a room with a stone vase in the middle, and then take a right from there. Go up the stairs and straight into the big room, where you will end up on top of a double-sided staircase.

From there, take a left and go straight and up the stairs through the door. You will find yourself in a room with big pillars. Take a right, and at the end of that room again, you will find a door that will take you to stairs leading to the top of the tower.

Keep going until you reach the top floor, and from the top floor, take a left and up the stairs. Go straight from the outside walkway into a room where you will find a guard.

Take the guard down and loot the body for the key to the meeting room. Once you unlock the door, Fabian and his bodyguards will walk out, and you will follow him.

Get close and as soon as you find the opportunity, take him down using a melee attack which will conclude the challenge. As a reward for completing the Fabian Richter Academy Kill Challenge, you will receive a P08.

How to Kill Friedrich Kummler

Friedrich Kummler is part of the kill list as an optional target during the 2nd mission of the campaign. If you manage to take him down by crushing him underneath a chandelier, you will be awarded a K98K bonus weapon.

You will find Friedrich Kummler in the ballroom of the Chateau Estate, as marked on the map below.

Starting at the front entrance of the Chateau, go straight inside, then upon reaching the central courtyard, take a left, and then in the very corner of the outside of the building, you will see vines along the wall.

Use the vines to reach the uppermost balcony and once you reach the top, take a left from there. Go straight through the long corridor and through the door on the opposite end.

Through the door, you will reach a room with stairs, and upon going down just one flight of stairs, you will see a door that will take you to the upper balcony of the ballroom.

On the right side of the balcony will be the box holding the chain for the chandelier. You can use your binoculars to mark the enemy. Friedrich Kummler will be having a conversation with another officer.

After the conversation ends, he will walk towards the table in the center of the room, and that will be your cue to let the chandelier loose, which will ultimately fall, killing Friedrich Kummler.

Upon completion of the mission, you will receive Karabiner ’98.

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