Skyward Sword Empty Bottles Locations Guide

Use this Skyward Sword Empty Bottles Locations Guide to collect all the bottles and use them for various purposes such as storing potions

Empty Bottles are the storing items in Skyward Sword. They are basically used for potions, but you can also gather fairies and other substances using these bottles. If that wasn’t enough, you need them to catch bugs. This Skyward Sword Empty Bottles Locations Guide will give you the location of all the empty bottles you can collect in the game.

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Skyward Sword Empty Bottles Locations

Empty Bottle #1
Location. After Zelda goes missing, you can get the green tunic from Fi in Bazaar of Skyloft and talk to the potion lady. She will give you your first empty bottle.

Empty Bottle #2
Location. Search the room of the old lady in Sealed Grounds. You will come across a chest, open it to retrieve this empty bottle.

Empty Bottle #3
Location. Head to the Plaza in Skyloft (it’s close to the Light Tower) and find Parrow. Here, you’ll get the mission to find his sister. Look for the tiny colorful island in the south-west portion of the map. From this island, go east to get to another small, circular island.

Here, you’ll find Orielle, Parrow’s sister, who needs bird medicine. You can obtain this bird medicine from Parrow, so you’ll need to head back. On speaking with Parrow, he’ll give you Mushroom Spores, and he’ll let you keep the empty bottles.

Empty Bottle #4
Location. In Fire Sanctuary, get Mogma Mitts so that you can burrow underground. Now, find a circular room where you can dig underground. When you dig, you will come across a switch to open the gate above. Re-emerge and take the new path leading towards the water filled plants.

There is a switch nearby, step on it to open the gates. Cut one of these plants and take it with you. Go through the gate and head right. Use the plant you just cut on one of the lava hands. This will allow you to kill, which will lower the lava level, so you can get this empty bottle.

Empty Bottle #5
Location. This empty bottle is present in a Goddess Chest, which is in the western section of Thunderhead. To get to the Goddess Chest, get to the barred room by digging out a hole on the island. From here, you can climb the vines to get to the chest.

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